Friday, May 25, 2012

"Faded," for Illustration Friday

The above picture is actually one I'm working on in gray, black and white, pencil/ink tones.  But it's in progress, and so with a bit of computer manipulation, I was able to give it the Old-Timey, Sepia-y, "Faded" look.

Shamelessly fan-girling, I'll admit that face is loosely based on a newly popular character, from a newly popular show, whose dreams of true love quickly "faded" at the end of her show's season finale.  Which I am still boggled over.

To hint more directly at what I'm talking about, as well as to showcase a flawless .gif file showing a particularly angry/fierce moment this character had earlier this season, look below.


Anyway, have I crossed into the realm of fan-art?  Possibly.  I will now slink away, and hide that sad knowledge in my invisible infinity box.  While I wait impatiently for the Autumn, and the return of this show.

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Happy Friday!

1 comment:

Lily said...

Awesome! The eyes look great.

I love Revenge! And I'm not ashamed to admit I've thought of trying to paint her before :0)