Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Pastel Coloured Expression," for "Creative Tuesdays"

First off, "Hoppy" Easter! This salutation makes sense with my submission below (-:

The other day, I did the above included sketch of a girl with ballpoint pen (a medium which can actually produce incredible results, and one I am experimenting with and hoping to get into).

The black and white image by itself was fine, but I thought I could do more with it.

Hence, the silliness and computer effects/playing around that happened with this final product for the Creative Tuesdays challenge, "Pastel Coloured Expression."

I added a border of a pastel colored bunny sitting atop eggs that I had already drawn, found images of Easter eggs with which to adorn her hair, added some spray painty-effects of pastel green, pink, yellow, and blue for the background, and actually upped the saturation level of the black and white drawing all the way, which makes her face a pale rainbow-pastel-ish hue.

For anyone interested in submitting to C.T. or seeing the other submissions for this week's theme, please go to the most recent entry on Tuesday, April Tenth, at:

So, there you have it! Sending everyone happy weekend wishes <3


Christine said...

Lovely Easter sketch! Can't believe a ball point pen could do such lovely details.

Betsy said...

it's really lovely, donna....such a sweet face!

Heather said...

oooh, I love this!!!
So fun and great to see your ball point pen work and how you made it come to life!

Wanda said...

What a precious little face, and with ball point pen...that's just great!

Alicia C said...

this is absolutely great! what fun things come out when you mix ballpoint pen with computer effects - greatly done!

MMm.. said...

WOw, Donna, you too , like Heather, took a totally differnt approach this time. Love that. You don;t even have torn paper edges as I'm used too. Whoa. Very intricate and love how you added pics of eggs too jsut for the fun of it. TY. Must have taken you ages. So, are those bunnies edible, like Peeps? :)