Monday, April 23, 2012

"Mother" for Creative Tuesdays

Below is my post for this week's C.T.!  I myself am an only child, which is a blessing in many ways, and very difficult in many others.  However, a large part of "Mother-hood" for many is having more than one child.  Since siblings sometimes quarrel or have rivalries (I may not have any of my own, but since almost all of my friends do I've spent all my life being fascinated and watching how people with brothers and sisters interacted with one another), that was something I wanted to depict in my "Impending Mother-hood" piece below.

"Impending Mother-hood" is a spot illustration that is all about waiting.  It depicts a girl and her mother (and their cat) sitting inside from the rain. Both the girl and her mother are pensive, although the girl seems more worried while the mother is happier (the cat is just inquisitive, as kitties tend to be). The mother is pregnant-- perhaps why she is happier. The girl, on the other hand, may be afraid of how things will change once she has a new sibling-- perhaps she won't have as much attention focused on her. She may worry that things will be harder for their family with the change, or she may be worried for her mother's health. Perhaps she is just feeling gloomy because it is so cold and wet outside. But overall, the drawing is meant to convey a sense of positive things to come. Life is full of uncertainty, but beautiful things can still come out of dark and scary places. While the girl thinks of all the things that could go wrong, perhaps she should look at things in a different way-- hopeful that a new person in their lives could make things better and brighter, even with all the difficulties that will come with it.

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Happy Belated Mother's Day to U.K. Readers, and Happy Upcoming Mother's Day to those in the U.S. (-:

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MMm.. said...

Yes, positive things to come by showing the white against the black. Again, great piece, Donna.