Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Jump" for Illustration Friday

This week's I.F. is "Jump."  Here's a quick sketch I did, in honor of "Black Swan..." and apart from the fact that "jumps" are a huge part of ballet and dancing, if you've seen the movie, you can guess why anything "Black Swan" related would relate to this particular theme.

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Should write more at some point, especially because of having just gone to and gotten back tonight from Portland Oregon (full of trees and great food and very cool cartoons and art and the wonderful Stumptown Comics Fest and coincidentally where I drew this), but for now, this is all <3

Looking forward (or am I?) to the shell-shock of blaring horns, cars, Metro Rail, Metro Buses, and general city insanity this week.  Leaving the greenery and calm of Portland was already really jarring once I landed, then waited outside LAX before going home.  Eek!

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