Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Frida Fiesta" For "Inspiration Avenue"

I love Frida, so that she is the inspiration for this week's I.A. challenge of "Frida Fiesta" makes me thrilled!

The piece I am submitting is a gouache and ink painting I did, entitled, "Everything's Coming Up Frida."

I hope the painting speaks for itself, and most of all, I wanted to show my love for all things Frida Kahlo. "Fiesta" means party, and since there are many things going on at once in this piece, I think it feel like a party. Frida's party, where everybody wants an invite! Especially the girl in the red sweatshirt ;-)

Apart from Frida, herself, I think my two favorite characters are the two little girls-- the one who wants to go see Frida, and the other donning a Dia De Los Muertos mask.

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¡ Viva la Frida!


Lori Saul said...

Beautiful imagery and festive color- love your painting for this challenge!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You have captured everything Frida, at least everything I have read about her this past week. You made me want to party with her, with all the color and imagery you have infused into this piece. This is MARVELOUS!!

Kat W said...

This is a beautiful vibrant fiesta of colour & characters - wonderful entry for this week's IA theme. Beautiful!
Kat :-)

priti.lisa said...

Gorgeous and perfect!

Anne said...

Love this, really captures the spirit of Frida! Love the color and the strange (in a good way) details! Great piece!

gma said...

Absolutely AWESOME!

kirstin mcculloch said...

I love the colours and imagery you've created. Fantastic.