Monday, April 30, 2012

Creative Tuesdays and the Theme of "Love Bug"

Below is the piece "Cyrano De Bee-Gerac:  Before the Colony Collapse," that I am submitting for this week's C.T. theme of "Love Bug!"

I have to first chastise myself for dropping the ball!  I posted for the "Creative Tuesdays" challenge of "Mother," before it was even due, and forgot to put the link in the submission page )-:  Was very sick last Monday, and so out of it Tuesday, it slipped my mind.  In case anyone is curious about that one, here's the link: 

This week's theme is "Love Bug," and I just finished a piece that is all about bugs, and love, so yay?  Yay     :-D  I finished it while up in Portland, Oregon.  Visited there for the first time this weekend.  Beautiful and easy to get around city.  A lovely cafe called "Moonstruck: Chocolate Cafe" did the trick, and I sat in there to finish powering this piece out.

As there are hearts, love, potentially unrequited love, and many bees buzzing about, that is how it fits the theme of "Love Bug."  It's also a piece that will be being shown at the "The Vanshing Bees" show at the Zzyzx Science Art Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles, opening soon.

In real life, bees are integral to food production and to life on this planet as a whole-- a key part of human life, despite what non-environmentally conscious people may believe.  In the piece I created, the bees are busy making honey that flows through the town, through Roxane's Honeycomb hair, and also trying to help arrange a romance betwixt their human friends.  Unfortunately, because of cell phones, pollution, and other possible factors we don't know about, many colonies of bees are disappearing and passing away.  The reason why my piece is called "Cyrano de Bee-Gerac:  Before the Colony Collapse" (apart from the obvious Cyrano de Bergerac pun), is because you can see how busy and bustling their bee colony is... but it won't be for much longer, should it collapse the way so many have in real life.

In any event, enough words from me for an evening.  To submit to Creative Tuesdays, you can now submit whenever you like before the deadline (which will now be weekly), and you do not have to wait until Tuesday!  The link to do so is below:

Thanks for bee-ing (heh heh) so patient in reading this long blog (-:


Wanda said...

Very original idea for love bug. The details are wonderful, and looks so "Vintage".

Wanda said...

BTW Donna, I left you a message in my comments for CT today.

Betsy said...

I love all the details in this..especially when enlarged!...and the expressions on all their faces! lol. And that queen bee is the best!

Christine said...

cute love 'bees'! It's terrible what is happening to their population.

Fred Rutherford said...

Very cool. Great idea and it turned out great. Just love the wordplay in the title as well. Thanks

Heather said...

wow this is so cool. the detail is perfect all in your wonderful style!

MMm.. said...

I'm so with Heather on this, Donna--amazing detail, as well as fascinating read on the bees etc. I have read quite a lot on that too. As it is, as far as non environmentally conscious offenders? The most common to me are.... smokers! The majority have no qualms with littering (non biodegradable butts) and filling the air with toxic fumes. I read an article about 5 years ago that said if al the cig butts in the world were put end to end, at that time, the chain have been long enough to leave the earth, circle the moon and return again, circling the earth--SEVEN times at least!! Whoa.

Anyway, wow, sorry we did not get to see the mother's piece which is brilliant btw. Love the B&W used and just that black background to offset the characters works so well.

Great illustrations here..again, Donna! TY!!