Friday, March 30, 2012

"Return" for Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday's theme this week is "Return," and this comic features a lot of stealing and "returning." I did it quite some time ago, but here is the second page of it. It was called "I Want Pie."

In the page below, the bunny has stolen Peter Rabbit's jacket to disguise herself as him. She later intends to "return" the jacket.

On the first page of the comic, the bunny is on a mission and sneaks out of the house (with the intention of "returning" later), and later in the comic, she has a pumpkin that gets stolen from her. She's very mad, and wants it "returned."

I won't say more, but all of the pages can be seen on my Tumblr at:

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"Hoppy" Friday! (Yuk yuk yuk, oh, puns... what hilarity...)

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Debbie Clandening said...

wonderful comic I love the scarecrow