Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Dolls

As a fervent lover of toys, be they plushies or dolls, this challenge was an exciting one for me!

Below is my submission: a greeting card I drew, captioned "You're Such a Doll!" Hrrrmm. Is he talking to his paramour, or to their many dolls scattered about in the room-- who seem to be spying on them, even! Especially Miss Mischievous on the left.

While this isn't part of the challenge exactly, I wanted to talk about some dolls of my own, and show their pictures. I'm very impressed with the three-dimensional dolls many have made and submitted, and I would love to try making one of my own one day. Although I've never made any dolls (one plushie, but that was more a teddy), I own quite a few of them. I used to collect dollhouse dolls seriously when I was younger, as well as larger porcelain dolls. I was very into it, have some by Ashton Drake, and used to save up my allowance forever so I could get these dolls I fell so in love with, back in the nineties. And now, I'm a little torn. Although it'll be a bittersweet process, I am thinking of selling some of them. They're beautiful, but I no longer play or interact with them much (especially as many of them are with my family Back East), and I do think they deserve more attention then I've given them these past years.

It sounds silly, and I'll probably go the Ebay route, but I'm actually hoping to do some research and find doll collectors, someone who has a child with a serious doll interest, or special doll sale websites. If I do part with them, I want to sell them to someone who will really love them. As silly (and potentially insane) as this is, I do on some level believe in toys being alive and having feelings. So, if I do part with any of my own, I guess I don't want to betray them. Anyway, here are some headshots/partial-body shots of the aforementioned characters.

Above is a Ballerina blowing kisses. I called her Rose, given her coloring, her outfit, and her hairpieces. I can't recall the name she came with. She was sculpted almost as if she was blowing kisses to her audience while running offstage (her feet aren't picured here, but one foot is pointed out and the other straight up and down, and with only one shoe on her foot, it looks like she made a break for it before the curtain came down).

Sarah, a very Victorian doll, has wild hair that I wished I had. Still do, really, although I'd be terrible at dealing with it (as battling the knots out of my quasi-wavy hair is already crazy enough).

I called this blonde doll Laura, because even though she is also very lacy and Victorian in how she dressed (complete with curly ribbons in her hair!), something about her reminded me of "Little House on the Prairie."

And lastly, Belle was the name of this bride, for she always reminded me a bit of the "Beauty and the Beast" character.

So, hoping you have all enjoyed the submission I put in, as well as the dolls I virtually "introduced" you to. To see more wonderful submissions on "dolls," please go to:

To see other greeting cards I've done in the romantic realm, please go to:

Hope everyone's well and enjoying this week's I.A. --!!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love your doll inspired artwork this week. I could not believe how many dolls were represented in that drawing/painting. Truly a work of art!

Although I have no desire to own one, I was impressed with your dolls. They look well loved and well taken care of. I wish you the best in selling them. Personally, I think e-bay would be my LAST choice, but I'm not a fan of e-bay.

craftydvl said...

I have never used E-Bay and only recently made an account, so I don't know what to expect. Thank you for the feedback, though (-: Perhaps I will take them back with me next time I visit and return, so I can have them in person and screen whoever they go to.

I know it's not as large a deal as helping someone adopt a puppy or anything, but I still want them to be passed on to someone worthy of them <3 I keep dragging my feet on it, so perhaps they will remain mine for some time longer. On another note, your post is totally an inspiration to make paper dolls! Anna is super cool :-D

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was so impressed with the comment you left on my Doll post, I had to come back and thank you for the "mini novel." It was not only inspiring, it was also quite well written. I appreciate your passion!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was so impressed with the comment you left on my Doll post, I had to come back and thank you for the "mini novel." It was not only inspiring, it was also quite well written. I appreciate your passion!

Anne said...

Great illustration, love the take on topic and especially Miss Mischievous!
Your dolls are beautiful!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love your doll card! I was amazed at how many dolls you added in, too.
Your dolls are beautiful--I know it must be hard to part with them!