Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Creative Tuesdays: Thumbprint!

For the "thumbprint" challenge, I really wanted to go with the "prints" aspect of the theme. So, that got me thinking of pups and the prints they make. Sadly, the whole being human thing prevented me from making my own paw-prints. However, with my thumb and pointer/pinkie fingers, I was able to create faux-paw-prints (faw-prints?) with undiluted watercolor, and then decided to use that as a pattern of prints as a frame.

This picture's a mix of marker, ink, watercolor thumb prints, and a bit of digital contrast-ing with the trusty computer.

Because the illustration depicts pugs, and the caption is "You're -'Paws-itively' So Much Fun!," the intent was for the frame of paw-prints to look like an actual trail. Perhaps made by the puppies in the picture. It's why the prints go around in a circle, as if they were a real path.

In any case, the proportions of the prints are slightly off from how small their paws look, but perhaps these cute puppies moonlight as Clifford the Big Red Dog's Assistants. Checkerboard the Big Brown Pug? I say Checkerboard, for I wanted a pug very badly when I was ten, and wanted to name her Checkerboard. Jimmy would've been the name if it was a boy dog.

My parents and I never ended up getting that pug, or any other dog (their first dog, a Saint Bernard named Sebi, lived to be thirteen and passed when I was two, but they still missed him too much to ever replace him), but I hope to rescue a dog and a cat one day, raising the two to be best friends, "Milo and Otis" style.

I quite liked this challenge, and perhaps will try it again. Next time, surprise surprise, I will probably use my thumb to make a Koala nose, and draw a Fuzzles face around it (-:

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Thanks for reading, and hope everyone's day is deserving of several thumbs' up :-p


Betsy said...

paws-itvely? lol. That made me chuckle. :)

Dina Thanki said...

Aaaa he looks like such a cute little pug, and as always, great illustration & style x

MMm.. said...

So is this booklet also a tiny sized one? Always love your intricacies and reasonings why you do what you do as here. Wonderful! thank you. Funny funny expression too. lol.

Christine said...

This is cute, love the frame too!

Alicia C said...

incredibly creative use of the theme! I remember making 'paw prints' of different sorts when a younger age, but not this way. Pug is priceless

Jehanne's doodles said...

Love how you made your paw prints- that was really clever!!