Friday, March 30, 2012

"Return" for Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday's theme this week is "Return," and this comic features a lot of stealing and "returning." I did it quite some time ago, but here is the second page of it. It was called "I Want Pie."

In the page below, the bunny has stolen Peter Rabbit's jacket to disguise herself as him. She later intends to "return" the jacket.

On the first page of the comic, the bunny is on a mission and sneaks out of the house (with the intention of "returning" later), and later in the comic, she has a pumpkin that gets stolen from her. She's very mad, and wants it "returned."

I won't say more, but all of the pages can be seen on my Tumblr at:

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"Hoppy" Friday! (Yuk yuk yuk, oh, puns... what hilarity...)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Creative Tuesdays: April Showers

So many rainy art challenges this week --!! Here at Creative Tuesdays, it is "April Showers."

Well. April brings showers, as well as Easter. Which, at least in part can mean: raindrops and BUNNIES!! Together!!

Perhaps all these little bunnies have to get from house to house to help little kids paint eggs, and these two children with fancy flying umbrellas have swooped in to save the day and get them to their destinations on time.

Also, there's an obtrusive raindrop who is apologizing for his punnily "dropping" in. Hee hee (-:

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Happy Creating!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Stormy Weather

It just stormed yesterday here in Los Angeles! Exciting challenge for I.A., as my present weather goes along with its theme (-: Rain is beautiful, and storms even clean and purify so much; I am submitting a card that shows a pure and happy family friendship.

The caption on the card is in Spanish, and it's an old Aztec poem that translates to, "Friendship is the Rain of Precious Flowers." Thus, my card shows the childhood friendship between a Mom and Son.

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Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Swamp (or techincally, "Swamped" in this case) for Illustration Friday

What I'm submitting for Illustration Friday is a piece I've talked about on her before. I did it for a project called "What Is A Picture Without Words?" Each artist was assigned to illustrate a pargraph of "Alice in Wonderland," using only images and nothing verbal. As far as this I.F. challenge goes, here's my original paragraph to describe this in relation to the theme "swamp:"

"Between having to worry about the weepy mock-turtle, the severely judgmental side-eye the Griffin was giving her, and the fact that the moody queen had just put a green-light out on her, poor Alice was beginning to feel "swamp"-ed."

That's my own silly description for this challenge, but, the actual paragraph I was assigned was as follows:

Paragraph 344.1:
`I'll tell it her,' said the Mock Turtle in a deep, hollow
tone: `sit down, both of you, and don't speak a word till I've

Now, time for some links!

The photos section of the below Facebook page shows everyone's submissions for the aforementioned project:

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And, if you are in the L.A. area tomorrow, two awesome things are going on! During the day, USC is hosting the "A Big Day for Small Press" Festival, which I am thrilled to be a part of. At night, I'll be showing, as well as having a vendor table at this month's Cannibal Flower show. So, come say hello (-: Prints of this piece will be available, and the original will be being shown at the Cannibal Flower show, too.

USC's "A Big Day for Small Press" Information here:

And, Cannibal Flower's is here:

Happy Friday, y'all! I'm not from the South, but felt like saying that :-p

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Dolls

As a fervent lover of toys, be they plushies or dolls, this challenge was an exciting one for me!

Below is my submission: a greeting card I drew, captioned "You're Such a Doll!" Hrrrmm. Is he talking to his paramour, or to their many dolls scattered about in the room-- who seem to be spying on them, even! Especially Miss Mischievous on the left.

While this isn't part of the challenge exactly, I wanted to talk about some dolls of my own, and show their pictures. I'm very impressed with the three-dimensional dolls many have made and submitted, and I would love to try making one of my own one day. Although I've never made any dolls (one plushie, but that was more a teddy), I own quite a few of them. I used to collect dollhouse dolls seriously when I was younger, as well as larger porcelain dolls. I was very into it, have some by Ashton Drake, and used to save up my allowance forever so I could get these dolls I fell so in love with, back in the nineties. And now, I'm a little torn. Although it'll be a bittersweet process, I am thinking of selling some of them. They're beautiful, but I no longer play or interact with them much (especially as many of them are with my family Back East), and I do think they deserve more attention then I've given them these past years.

It sounds silly, and I'll probably go the Ebay route, but I'm actually hoping to do some research and find doll collectors, someone who has a child with a serious doll interest, or special doll sale websites. If I do part with them, I want to sell them to someone who will really love them. As silly (and potentially insane) as this is, I do on some level believe in toys being alive and having feelings. So, if I do part with any of my own, I guess I don't want to betray them. Anyway, here are some headshots/partial-body shots of the aforementioned characters.

Above is a Ballerina blowing kisses. I called her Rose, given her coloring, her outfit, and her hairpieces. I can't recall the name she came with. She was sculpted almost as if she was blowing kisses to her audience while running offstage (her feet aren't picured here, but one foot is pointed out and the other straight up and down, and with only one shoe on her foot, it looks like she made a break for it before the curtain came down).

Sarah, a very Victorian doll, has wild hair that I wished I had. Still do, really, although I'd be terrible at dealing with it (as battling the knots out of my quasi-wavy hair is already crazy enough).

I called this blonde doll Laura, because even though she is also very lacy and Victorian in how she dressed (complete with curly ribbons in her hair!), something about her reminded me of "Little House on the Prairie."

And lastly, Belle was the name of this bride, for she always reminded me a bit of the "Beauty and the Beast" character.

So, hoping you have all enjoyed the submission I put in, as well as the dolls I virtually "introduced" you to. To see more wonderful submissions on "dolls," please go to:

To see other greeting cards I've done in the romantic realm, please go to:

Hope everyone's well and enjoying this week's I.A. --!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

"Shades," for Illustration Friday

Little Suzi, Tori the Tiger Toy, and Mrs. Applegate were completely unaware that Theodore Teddy had just snuck back into the house after having himself a day at the beach. But in the morning, once they noticed the brand new "shades" he was sporting, they were sure to realize that something was up.

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<3 <3

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Creative Tuesdays: Thumbprint!

For the "thumbprint" challenge, I really wanted to go with the "prints" aspect of the theme. So, that got me thinking of pups and the prints they make. Sadly, the whole being human thing prevented me from making my own paw-prints. However, with my thumb and pointer/pinkie fingers, I was able to create faux-paw-prints (faw-prints?) with undiluted watercolor, and then decided to use that as a pattern of prints as a frame.

This picture's a mix of marker, ink, watercolor thumb prints, and a bit of digital contrast-ing with the trusty computer.

Because the illustration depicts pugs, and the caption is "You're -'Paws-itively' So Much Fun!," the intent was for the frame of paw-prints to look like an actual trail. Perhaps made by the puppies in the picture. It's why the prints go around in a circle, as if they were a real path.

In any case, the proportions of the prints are slightly off from how small their paws look, but perhaps these cute puppies moonlight as Clifford the Big Red Dog's Assistants. Checkerboard the Big Brown Pug? I say Checkerboard, for I wanted a pug very badly when I was ten, and wanted to name her Checkerboard. Jimmy would've been the name if it was a boy dog.

My parents and I never ended up getting that pug, or any other dog (their first dog, a Saint Bernard named Sebi, lived to be thirteen and passed when I was two, but they still missed him too much to ever replace him), but I hope to rescue a dog and a cat one day, raising the two to be best friends, "Milo and Otis" style.

I quite liked this challenge, and perhaps will try it again. Next time, surprise surprise, I will probably use my thumb to make a Koala nose, and draw a Fuzzles face around it (-:

To submit to "Thumbprint" for C.T. this week, please go to:

Thanks for reading, and hope everyone's day is deserving of several thumbs' up :-p

Monday, March 12, 2012

Inspiration Ave: Vintage Photography

For this challenge, I took a card, trimmed the edges and gave it a border (a la an old photograph), and played with the color contrast so this romantic and vintage card would more resemble a "vintage photograph."

And for good measure, I made it into a little wallpaper-y pattern as well.

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Friday, March 9, 2012

"Yield" for Illustration Friday

She knew they'd eventually "yield" to their feelings for one another. But for now, she was content to secretly smile at him while reading "The Velveteen Rabbit." In turn, he was content for them to bask in one another's company while they also played with their bunny friends. Who, quietly wished these silly, slow humans would get on with their apparently eternally budding romance.

Excerpt from my punny bunny handmade greeting card book that I finished in 2011 and first debuted at 2012's L.A. Zinefest.

See it and more things like it when I am next out and about, at the Big Day for Small Press Festival at USC! March 24th, details in the link:


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"You've Got Mail," For "Inspiration Avenue"

This week's topic for I.F. is "Mail." My illustration shows somebody reading some.

My submission shows someone reading opened mail in the foreground. She's got mail, and she's not too pleased about it. And, while it's not shown, perhaps the two in the back met online. Which would count as an email exchange? A la, that Rom-Com "You've Got Mail?"

The woman closest to us is thoughtful, for whether she received that letter days ago, whether she is about to send it to someone who doesn't suspect it, or whether it is a painful correspondence she has chosen to keep for years (as evidenced by her taking of her ring while reading), there is a somber feel to the scenario.

The title of this piece is "All I Want For Christmas." Usually for I.A. I submit things that are cheerier, but even in submitting something like this that's sad, I hope someone can find inspiration in i: whether in the happy couple in the background, in liking ink drawings, in enjoying stories no matter the content, or in making up a story in his or her head, that the thoughtful and sad woman in the foreground will ultimately open another letter, be reminded of happier days, and smile-. Perhaps in some future, un-drawn, drawing, she will be full of happiness and what she might have wanted for Christmas. In any case, downbeat nature aside, I do hope it can bring some enjoyment to whoever sees it.

To see more of my Black and White Work/Ink Drawings, please go to:

And because I don't want this illustration to get anybody down, I am including a link to a video of happy and fluffy things:

Friday, March 2, 2012

Illustration Friday: "Intention"

While generally the phrase "intention" makes me think of parental interrogations of suitors (more on that later), It is my "intention" to keep making patterns, mostly of images and characters pulled from illustrations I've already made. Perhaps to go into a book? Still figuring it out.

So, as "intended," here is a heart/paw-print pattern of my most recent illo, "Marsupispoons."

Incidentally, my normal interpretation of the term "intentions" I blame somewhat on having caught a few scenes of "Jersey Girl" when it was on TV, a couple of months ago. It's not a great movie, but some of the Dad/Little Daughter stuff is pretty cute.

The, "What are your intentions with my daughter?" scene, followed by the "What are your intentions with my father?" scene are both pretty amusing.

And, back to more relevant, illustration-y things.

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¡Feliz Viernes a Todos!