Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paterns, Patterns, Hippitie-Hop --!!

The Creative Tuesdays theme due this week was "Patterns," and, oh, how Mister Fuzzles helped contribute to that challenge. What a life he has, as a little furry muse... check him out, below!

I have actually a bit pattern-obsessed since this challenge. As I said there, it was something I wanted to do for a while, and finally I got the impetus for it (-: So below, here is a new pattern... bunnies! This one is higher resolution, but with less rabbits overall.

I definitely want to draw more patterns. I mean, I use a lot of patterns and lines and busy, swirly things in what I create (to the point where I am also working on not going overboard on that). However, I'm liking experimenting with these new, graphic-design-esque type patterns, where it's the same image over and over.

These are still busy, but in a more organized way. My Fuzzles pattern was probably more organized, but so goes this type of experimentation.

The image below is lower resolution, but shows that the above bunny looks when... well, when as bunnies do, he has multiplied a bunch. Except, in this pattern, it's just with himself. So it's more like cloning.

This bunny is lifted from an illustration I did a while back. It's ink with watercolor, but I also scanned the full illustration in before I finished coloring it. Taking advantage of the black and white scan, I used the bunny from that one to make a different pattern. Both an identical one (but black and white) to the repeated, cloned, rabbit, as well as a pattern showing two of the rabbits from that illustration (but, the black and white version).

Below are the two rabbits, in Black and White.

Below is the cloned Black and White bunny, by himself, with the only color being in his nose and eyes. Eye, I guess, since he's in profile.

Methinks I am going to have to concoct some scheme where these are printed, and somehow turned into wrapping paper-- and/or postcards. Anything where it's a cool print! This pattern thing is really quite fun (-:

For anyone who is curious, below is the original of "Leonardo Bunnivinci," created in 2011, with the finished color version first, and then the initial ink version before watercolors were swept in.



'Tis all for now, and thank you to anyone who got through the many patterns pictured here ;-)

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