Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Texture

This week's I.A. theme is texture, and I am very excited to submit a couple of pages from a handmade book that I drew in 2011 and sewed together for the 2012 L.A. Zinefest!

If you click on the image to make it larger, you might be able to see the tooth of the paper. (the rest of this paragraph explains how I used texture when creating this book). I used Arches Watercolor paper, which I love using because it has such a severe tooth and texture to it. It takes watercolor well, but it also takes brush pen really well. I had fun drawing the streaks of the green floor using a metallic brush pen (on the bottom left hand corner), and it's sometimes a challenge to keep thinner lines crisp when using a thin pen on paper of this texture. Also, with this handmade book (as well as greeting cards that I make), I tear the edges to give it a serrated texture, and give it an old-timier, perhaps Victorian feel. And lastly, I wanted what bound the book to have texture, so I used a thin, braided, white rope. It's actually a rope you use to hang banners, but in this book, it holds it together. You can see that the rope actually scanned at the top of it.

I actually made two and first showed them at an aforementioned little independent press festival thingey that happened on Sunday (not very eloquent at the moment, but I am tired from how good, but busy, the festival was-- plus, one of my best friends from England says "thingey" all the time, to refer to any and everything, so I have begun to do the same). This handmade book was entirely themed around dogs and puns, and the other one I made was entirely themed around rabbits and puns.

I usually make handmade greeting cards to stand on their own. However, for this festival, it was specifically related to self-published works and zines. So, I figured I'd put some greeting cards into book form.

Each book is actually four greeting cards bound together by string, that make sense sequentially as a little bound handmade book. However, they also make sense and work if you take apart the string, and you have four greeting cards that stand on their own. I need to post the books in their entirety to show how it goes, but for now, here are a couple of pages.

The card pages posted here are actually the first inside page of one part of a card, and the front cover of the next card. It's how it looks in book form (as there's another, different caption if you take them apart, and have just the card with the two ballerina girls). Making little handmade card books was fun, and a challenging departure from making regular greeting cards-- since these all have to connect to one another if you keep them together, thematically and with words, and they have to also be able to stand on their own.

'Tis all I shall say for now, but thank you for reading, and I look forward to everyone else's texture submissions!

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MMm.. said...

that is so interesting. Love how you use the textured paper to your advantage and the metallic pen strokes streaking along its tooth and whatnot. GREAT. Wonderful image too. Ha, Donna you could have used this "thingy" for CT in fact too. Ballet slippers woudl be good. :) Anyway, sounds like the fest went well. I'm so happy for you. you are just a bundle of youthful creative zest. :)

craftydvl said...

Mister Toast, hello! I actually thought of using it for both, but wanted to make two separate submissions, especially since I was thinking about shoes actively with the bunny one, and with this one, well, ballet shoes just have to be part of the equation (-: Appreciate your kind words very much, and as always, very grateful to have found Creative Tuesdays!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Beautiful work! I enjoyed reading about how you made this..arches paper is my favorite for watercolors, too. Great texture!

Magpie said...

I love your illustrations! The uneven edges and rough paper add so much texture.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really MUST find some of this paper. You did a fantastic job with this challenge. Love the pages, especially after you explained your process.

Anne said...

Lovely! <3

IMGIRL said...

Very nice! Texture can add volumes to your art piece! Yours is lovely!