Sunday, February 5, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Here Comes The Sun

I am sleepless, and I.A. posted the challenge early. So, here is my entry, a greeting card, for "Here Comes the Sun."

It is captioned,
"We may be different as night and day, but I value our friendship in every way!"

I was inspired to submit this for the challenge, given the description given by the co-host Linda (who is Gemma, via her blog, which can be found here:

"We are at the half way point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. I love the SUN and honor the many celebrations beckoning the return of the sun, and preparing for the upcoming Spring... melting of January snows... It is a time of awakening, of new life, of new potential. A rebirth of light."

I wanted to submit this particular greeting card, because it indicates change. There are very different elements between these two friends (literally, night and day), and they each make me think of different seasons.

Come Spring and Summer, Miss Sunshine on the right will be featured more and will stay out later. "The return of the sun," and, "A rebirth of light," as the challenge describes.

Once Winter is done, Miss Nighttime will not come out to play as much, for she won't be appearing until night (as late as nine at night, or midnight, in some countries!).

So, in any case, this image of them talking/playing made me think of how they are friends despite competing for the chance to make the world lighter or darker, and as it made me think of the "halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox."

Thank you as always to the Inspiration Avenue team, for great postings, great ideas, and inspiration all of the time.

I'll close with some links:

This card, along with other such cards, at my site:

Inspiration Avenue for this week (where it's possible to see challenge entries, as well as post your own):

Thanks for reading (-:

(EDITED TO ADD: Formatting and font right now will not co-operate, so my apologies, but hope you enjoy it despite of text annoying-ness.)


Hettienne said...

Good morning Donna! I hope you watched a beautiful dawn? Thank you for your entry - will you please add your name to the Mr Linky on the post? I tried doing it for you, but it wants an image as well which I cannot do on your behalf. love Hettienne

craftydvl said...

Hi Hettienne! I was not up so late to see the dawn, just the deep night (early morning?) midnight sky. So sorry about the confusion! I was tired enough to not see the Mister Liky link. I just went and put it in, so I think it should be working now. Thanks so much (-: <3, Donna

Hettienne said...

Hello Donna, you are still first in the queue, lol! Your link is working.

Kat W said...

Great entry & I love the sentiment and thinking behind it.

Kat :-)

Kathy said...

This is a wonderful! Don't you just treasure differences?

Anne said...

Super interesting and thought provoking!
Love the cat and dog! :))

gma said...

I really like this. LOVELY greeting card.Changing as the seasons do. Great idea for this theme. Thank you.

Terrie said...

What a nice card! Love the sentiment.

priti.lisa said...

You always put so much thought into your's wonderful♥♥♥

Craftymoose Crafts said...

A very creative take on the theme! I like the sentiment on the card.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is a truly lovely IA entry and such a thoughtful sentiment. Very appropriate for this upcoming Valentine day, too.