Thursday, February 16, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Diva --!!

So, my Diva is a Dino. A character from a comic I started years ago and abandoned (but I'm bringing it back, knock on wood) she is a T-Rex. On my submission she's painting (and crying out in excitement/singing/overall being the larger-than-life creature and persona she is?), but she's a Diva mostly because she's an actress who is just as dramatic on the screen as off.

She lives in a world where people and Dinos live together (our world, but obviously there's some liberties being taken with logic here), can speak to one another in words (and not just screams), and where Dinos can have careers. And Dya, as she is called (as the comic revolves around puns, in part, her full name is "Dyathinkshesaurus"-- as seen on the image above,), is an actress.

A regarded actress, but one who is very dramatic and Diva-ish in her behavior. She usually doesn't eat or hurt people, but has eaten a few goats on set because of stress, and then cried over it afterward.

I was excited about this challenge, because I just finished putting together a book of black and white stuff I've done, for an event coming up called the L.A. Zinefest (where more information can be found here:

It's an independent magazine festival, and my friend David Castro (who runs his works under the name Taco Comics, and can be found here:, was generous enough to help me put together a little illustration zine of my own.

When I couldn't decide what to use as a cover image, I remembered Dya, how much I liked her, and how fun I thought her personality and Diva-ish ways were. So, to bring her back, I drew this, featured her on the zine cover, and titled it with the joke of her name. This scan here is not the final image of the book (as my friend and publisher added some extra text to it), but it is the final image I emailed to him, and it shows Dya quite clearly. It also shows the two girls who aren't sure if she knows they're there, and are trying to figure out what to do next.

For anyone who hasn't seen Jurassic Park in a while, the logic (and joke) with her name is that T-Rexes can't see you if you stay still. So, Dya is at a loss if she perchance wants to talk to someone who is nearby, but doesn't want to talk to her. If they stay still, and she figures out she's being dissed but cannot see them, Diva-ish anguish (and public meltdowns) ensue.

Not great quality since they were with my phone camera, but here are some shots from the Dya comic, where her friend Sam (who is a clam) and she were in the same toy store (a famous one, but one I will keep secret for now ;-) ), but Sam was avoiding her. Dya figures it out, gets really upset, and knocks around the displays of toys as she cries.

These are only clips from my phone (and therefore not entirely sequential), but, the sequence was a direct parody of the scene in J.P. where the T-Rex knocks around the car and roars. Except, well. Dya's roar is more of a wail. Poor girl. She has a good heart, but like I said-- she's theatrical, no matter if she's onstage, in front of a lens, or on the street.

And finally, here's a quick picture of ANOTHER Diva (my toy, Fuzzles Koala, whose personality I unintentionally helped to become Diva-ish), reading this book of illustrations that feature another Diva on the cover.

So, hopefully everyone was amused by Dya the Dino Diva, and I look forward to everyone else's works --!!

To submit to the fantastic theme of DIVA, for I.A., link ahoy!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Not only is this a really cute concept, it looks well conceived and executed. I am sure your Zine will be a big success at the festival, because it is this week at IA. Great art!!

Anne said...

Very original, you have a fantastic mind!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

So creative and beautifully drawn!

artangel said...

It's very well done and looks fascinating, you've created a whole fictional world!

I loved this - "she's eaten a few goats on set because of stress, and then cried over it afterward". Hey, we've all been there (Metaphorically, of course!)

Hettienne said...

you are so creative! and your storybook characters are wonderfully executed - in real graphic picturebook style with that dark forties look about it - reminds me of Gotham City and the likes.

priti.lisa said...

Your imagination is unbelievable!!!
Always something different.

MMm.. said...

you kn ow I particularly like the last phot wit he spread of ink drawings. Your style works REALLy well as black and white but I do love your vibrant colour palettes too. EXCELLENT illustration too btw. You know, Dino Diva reminds me of my recent shoes image--switch up the gender of the character. Why is is when I think of T-Rex I think of a male creature but of course it coudl be a female like here too and who knows, maybe with big drama egos too, on and off the screen. LOL. Very fun.