Friday, February 3, 2012

Illustration Friday: Suspense

So as the theme is "Suspense," I thought the below spot illustration would be fitting.

I've submitted this before to my (unofficial) thirty-characters blog entries, but never before for Illustration Friday. So, here we go.

It fills us human beings with a sense of "suspense" (and perhaps dread), when we give our hearts to others, only to have them destroyed. (Or eat it for breakfast, in the case of the above piece). It's surprising how in relationships, people can do the same thing over and over, always meeting the same (disappointing) outcome. And yet, sometimes, we still suffer through the exact same adreneline, dread, and "suspense" that we did , the first time we went through such a thing.

I have more detailed back-stories on the girls above. Wendy is the girl on the left, and Clara is the girl on the right. Wendy needs a virtual hug (As in reality, she is but pixels here on this screen). But for now, here are her and Clara's quick #30Characters Back-stories.



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Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a suspenseful weekend, in the more fun sense of the word (-:

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Roland Prinsler said...

This is a great illustration, and your explanation is very interesting. I like it. Cute and cruel in one.