Friday, February 24, 2012

Illustration Friday: "Capable" (And pin-ups, and Narwhals, oh my!)

This week's theme for "Illustration Friday" is "Capable." I've submitted the pinup I started some time ago, and finally finished. I showed it at last month's "Cannibal Flower" show, and it's one of more pinups I hope to create whenever I have the time. The title is "Art Narwhal-Veau," for obvious reasons ;-)

Here its blurb for I.F. and "Capable:"

"Miss Mermaid knew she was capable of brushing her own hair, and doing a damn good job. But after her trusty Narwhal friend watched Disney's "The Little Mermaid," there was no convincing him. He realized Miss Mermaid was doing it all wrong. And since he'd found a 'dinglehopper' of his very own, he was going to show her the way."

To see my earlier progress post blog for "Inspiration Avenue," which featured the early stages of the above piece, please go to:

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Thanks for reading, and have a merry weekend!

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Anne said...

Fabulous and fun! <3