Monday, February 27, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Primavera

I love the phrase "Primavera," for I think it sounds much prettier than the English phrase "Springtime." Both are lovely, but for this challenge, I quite like that the longer, more syllabic word was used. Below is the piece I'm submitting for the challenge, entitled, "Marsupispoons."

Spring as a season and the word "Primavera"have always made love come to mind, immediately. Given the prompt at I.A. (with the lovely words written about the theme, especially alongside the flirty and sensual pictures), the theme of "Primavera" in my submission has much do with love and attraction. I just finished a piece for a gallery show on these very themes. The one difference is that it's not about human love.

To be more specific, the guidelines for the show were to focus on love, reproduction, springtime, and how this relates to animals. We were allowed to go the cute or the obscene route, so I chose the cute/implied route. The koalas are simply spooning, and the border of cartoony koalas (inspired by my toy Koala who I speak of often, Fuzzles Koala), shows more koalas juggling hearts and literal spoons. Oh, punniness. I can never stop.

Incidentally, I thought "Marsupispoons" was a cute and obvious title name, and then someone close to me said it would have been a bit of an easier pun to understand had I called it "Marspoonials." A brief poll I've taken suggests that my title is more difficult to understand, and that "Marspoonials" is clearer. Boo! But not really, as methinks people will understand well enough, and either way, I believe that cudding Koalas can warm the heart, no matter what you title them.

In any event, to see information on the gallery holding said animal show, please go to:

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Fuzzles, the many marsupials in my heart, and the characters in my illo all thank you for reading <3

Friday, February 24, 2012

Illustration Friday: "Capable" (And pin-ups, and Narwhals, oh my!)

This week's theme for "Illustration Friday" is "Capable." I've submitted the pinup I started some time ago, and finally finished. I showed it at last month's "Cannibal Flower" show, and it's one of more pinups I hope to create whenever I have the time. The title is "Art Narwhal-Veau," for obvious reasons ;-)

Here its blurb for I.F. and "Capable:"

"Miss Mermaid knew she was capable of brushing her own hair, and doing a damn good job. But after her trusty Narwhal friend watched Disney's "The Little Mermaid," there was no convincing him. He realized Miss Mermaid was doing it all wrong. And since he'd found a 'dinglehopper' of his very own, he was going to show her the way."

To see my earlier progress post blog for "Inspiration Avenue," which featured the early stages of the above piece, please go to:

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Thanks for reading, and have a merry weekend!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Creative Tuesdays: Shoes --!!

This past week, I displayed two of my card books. I had them for sale/display at the L.A. Zinefest, which happened on Sunday. It was lots of fun, well attended, and a great experience (-: I'll do a recap post on that at some point, but more importantly, I made sure to have one of my cards reflect the Creative Tuesdays theme of "shoes," as I was making it! The characters wearing said shoes can be seen below.

I myself wear a pair of shoes that have cat faces on them (leather Mary-Janes, kind of Doc Martens-ish but a brand called Tredair/TUK-- or is it TDK? Either way, great shoes manufactured in England that last a long while), so I thought it would be cool to have a girl wearing shoes that had bunnies on them, if she were to be playing with bunnies. Her human companion opted for red Converse-y type shoes. Either way, both are durable enough shoes, so they work if you want to go for a bike ride.

As I said in my Inspiration Avenue post previously, I have to post more photos of the books in order to make everything make true sense. But, essentially, they are four greeting cards bound together by string, that make sense sequentially as a little bound handmade book. However, they also make sense and work if you take apart the string, and you have four greeting cards that stand on their own.

But if you read the book as it is made above, you see two kids biking, wearing silly outfits with shoes, with a cloudy sky in the background, and many rabbits all around. And, the rabbit leading into their secret is full of puns. Since he's "hare" (instead of "here..." ba-dum-bum-ching) with a secret. Yay? Yay!

So, everyone who wants to post or see the posts for this week's theme of "Shoes" for Creative Tuesdays, head over to the following link:

Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Texture

This week's I.A. theme is texture, and I am very excited to submit a couple of pages from a handmade book that I drew in 2011 and sewed together for the 2012 L.A. Zinefest!

If you click on the image to make it larger, you might be able to see the tooth of the paper. (the rest of this paragraph explains how I used texture when creating this book). I used Arches Watercolor paper, which I love using because it has such a severe tooth and texture to it. It takes watercolor well, but it also takes brush pen really well. I had fun drawing the streaks of the green floor using a metallic brush pen (on the bottom left hand corner), and it's sometimes a challenge to keep thinner lines crisp when using a thin pen on paper of this texture. Also, with this handmade book (as well as greeting cards that I make), I tear the edges to give it a serrated texture, and give it an old-timier, perhaps Victorian feel. And lastly, I wanted what bound the book to have texture, so I used a thin, braided, white rope. It's actually a rope you use to hang banners, but in this book, it holds it together. You can see that the rope actually scanned at the top of it.

I actually made two and first showed them at an aforementioned little independent press festival thingey that happened on Sunday (not very eloquent at the moment, but I am tired from how good, but busy, the festival was-- plus, one of my best friends from England says "thingey" all the time, to refer to any and everything, so I have begun to do the same). This handmade book was entirely themed around dogs and puns, and the other one I made was entirely themed around rabbits and puns.

I usually make handmade greeting cards to stand on their own. However, for this festival, it was specifically related to self-published works and zines. So, I figured I'd put some greeting cards into book form.

Each book is actually four greeting cards bound together by string, that make sense sequentially as a little bound handmade book. However, they also make sense and work if you take apart the string, and you have four greeting cards that stand on their own. I need to post the books in their entirety to show how it goes, but for now, here are a couple of pages.

The card pages posted here are actually the first inside page of one part of a card, and the front cover of the next card. It's how it looks in book form (as there's another, different caption if you take them apart, and have just the card with the two ballerina girls). Making little handmade card books was fun, and a challenging departure from making regular greeting cards-- since these all have to connect to one another if you keep them together, thematically and with words, and they have to also be able to stand on their own.

'Tis all I shall say for now, but thank you for reading, and I look forward to everyone else's texture submissions!

To submit to this week's challenge (ack, I thought this linked earlier but it didn't, my apologies!!), please go to:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fluid, Illustration Friday

Water counts as a "fluid," so, here is my Illustration Friday submission for the theme. Featuring, bunnies a-swimming, and girls a-boating or a scuba-ing, in water.

This is actually the front cover of a handmade greeting card book (what should I call it? Hrmmm), which can be kept together, or pulled apart, that I will be debuting at the 2012 L.A. Zinefest (-: This particular set of cards/particular book is based around the theme of bunnies.

To check out LAZF this Sunday, find out more here:

To check out the work of Nathaniel Osollo, overall awesome dude and artist who was kind enough to let me share his table, go to:

To submit to Illustration Friday and "Fluid," go here:

Thanks for reading! <3

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Diva --!!

So, my Diva is a Dino. A character from a comic I started years ago and abandoned (but I'm bringing it back, knock on wood) she is a T-Rex. On my submission she's painting (and crying out in excitement/singing/overall being the larger-than-life creature and persona she is?), but she's a Diva mostly because she's an actress who is just as dramatic on the screen as off.

She lives in a world where people and Dinos live together (our world, but obviously there's some liberties being taken with logic here), can speak to one another in words (and not just screams), and where Dinos can have careers. And Dya, as she is called (as the comic revolves around puns, in part, her full name is "Dyathinkshesaurus"-- as seen on the image above,), is an actress.

A regarded actress, but one who is very dramatic and Diva-ish in her behavior. She usually doesn't eat or hurt people, but has eaten a few goats on set because of stress, and then cried over it afterward.

I was excited about this challenge, because I just finished putting together a book of black and white stuff I've done, for an event coming up called the L.A. Zinefest (where more information can be found here:

It's an independent magazine festival, and my friend David Castro (who runs his works under the name Taco Comics, and can be found here:, was generous enough to help me put together a little illustration zine of my own.

When I couldn't decide what to use as a cover image, I remembered Dya, how much I liked her, and how fun I thought her personality and Diva-ish ways were. So, to bring her back, I drew this, featured her on the zine cover, and titled it with the joke of her name. This scan here is not the final image of the book (as my friend and publisher added some extra text to it), but it is the final image I emailed to him, and it shows Dya quite clearly. It also shows the two girls who aren't sure if she knows they're there, and are trying to figure out what to do next.

For anyone who hasn't seen Jurassic Park in a while, the logic (and joke) with her name is that T-Rexes can't see you if you stay still. So, Dya is at a loss if she perchance wants to talk to someone who is nearby, but doesn't want to talk to her. If they stay still, and she figures out she's being dissed but cannot see them, Diva-ish anguish (and public meltdowns) ensue.

Not great quality since they were with my phone camera, but here are some shots from the Dya comic, where her friend Sam (who is a clam) and she were in the same toy store (a famous one, but one I will keep secret for now ;-) ), but Sam was avoiding her. Dya figures it out, gets really upset, and knocks around the displays of toys as she cries.

These are only clips from my phone (and therefore not entirely sequential), but, the sequence was a direct parody of the scene in J.P. where the T-Rex knocks around the car and roars. Except, well. Dya's roar is more of a wail. Poor girl. She has a good heart, but like I said-- she's theatrical, no matter if she's onstage, in front of a lens, or on the street.

And finally, here's a quick picture of ANOTHER Diva (my toy, Fuzzles Koala, whose personality I unintentionally helped to become Diva-ish), reading this book of illustrations that feature another Diva on the cover.

So, hopefully everyone was amused by Dya the Dino Diva, and I look forward to everyone else's works --!!

To submit to the fantastic theme of DIVA, for I.A., link ahoy!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Popularity" for Illustration Friday

The "popularity" of Day Of The Dead is growing in the United States. So, here is my submission for I.F. and the theme of "popularity."

Since it's a popular holiday, and patterns are popular in graphic design (as well as in my consciousness lately), the above pattern is what I'm going with .

That is all.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Paterns, Patterns, Hippitie-Hop --!!

The Creative Tuesdays theme due this week was "Patterns," and, oh, how Mister Fuzzles helped contribute to that challenge. What a life he has, as a little furry muse... check him out, below!

I have actually a bit pattern-obsessed since this challenge. As I said there, it was something I wanted to do for a while, and finally I got the impetus for it (-: So below, here is a new pattern... bunnies! This one is higher resolution, but with less rabbits overall.

I definitely want to draw more patterns. I mean, I use a lot of patterns and lines and busy, swirly things in what I create (to the point where I am also working on not going overboard on that). However, I'm liking experimenting with these new, graphic-design-esque type patterns, where it's the same image over and over.

These are still busy, but in a more organized way. My Fuzzles pattern was probably more organized, but so goes this type of experimentation.

The image below is lower resolution, but shows that the above bunny looks when... well, when as bunnies do, he has multiplied a bunch. Except, in this pattern, it's just with himself. So it's more like cloning.

This bunny is lifted from an illustration I did a while back. It's ink with watercolor, but I also scanned the full illustration in before I finished coloring it. Taking advantage of the black and white scan, I used the bunny from that one to make a different pattern. Both an identical one (but black and white) to the repeated, cloned, rabbit, as well as a pattern showing two of the rabbits from that illustration (but, the black and white version).

Below are the two rabbits, in Black and White.

Below is the cloned Black and White bunny, by himself, with the only color being in his nose and eyes. Eye, I guess, since he's in profile.

Methinks I am going to have to concoct some scheme where these are printed, and somehow turned into wrapping paper-- and/or postcards. Anything where it's a cool print! This pattern thing is really quite fun (-:

For anyone who is curious, below is the original of "Leonardo Bunnivinci," created in 2011, with the finished color version first, and then the initial ink version before watercolors were swept in.



'Tis all for now, and thank you to anyone who got through the many patterns pictured here ;-)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Here Comes The Sun

I am sleepless, and I.A. posted the challenge early. So, here is my entry, a greeting card, for "Here Comes the Sun."

It is captioned,
"We may be different as night and day, but I value our friendship in every way!"

I was inspired to submit this for the challenge, given the description given by the co-host Linda (who is Gemma, via her blog, which can be found here:

"We are at the half way point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. I love the SUN and honor the many celebrations beckoning the return of the sun, and preparing for the upcoming Spring... melting of January snows... It is a time of awakening, of new life, of new potential. A rebirth of light."

I wanted to submit this particular greeting card, because it indicates change. There are very different elements between these two friends (literally, night and day), and they each make me think of different seasons.

Come Spring and Summer, Miss Sunshine on the right will be featured more and will stay out later. "The return of the sun," and, "A rebirth of light," as the challenge describes.

Once Winter is done, Miss Nighttime will not come out to play as much, for she won't be appearing until night (as late as nine at night, or midnight, in some countries!).

So, in any case, this image of them talking/playing made me think of how they are friends despite competing for the chance to make the world lighter or darker, and as it made me think of the "halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox."

Thank you as always to the Inspiration Avenue team, for great postings, great ideas, and inspiration all of the time.

I'll close with some links:

This card, along with other such cards, at my site:

Inspiration Avenue for this week (where it's possible to see challenge entries, as well as post your own):

Thanks for reading (-:

(EDITED TO ADD: Formatting and font right now will not co-operate, so my apologies, but hope you enjoy it despite of text annoying-ness.)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Illustration Friday: Suspense

So as the theme is "Suspense," I thought the below spot illustration would be fitting.

I've submitted this before to my (unofficial) thirty-characters blog entries, but never before for Illustration Friday. So, here we go.

It fills us human beings with a sense of "suspense" (and perhaps dread), when we give our hearts to others, only to have them destroyed. (Or eat it for breakfast, in the case of the above piece). It's surprising how in relationships, people can do the same thing over and over, always meeting the same (disappointing) outcome. And yet, sometimes, we still suffer through the exact same adreneline, dread, and "suspense" that we did , the first time we went through such a thing.

I have more detailed back-stories on the girls above. Wendy is the girl on the left, and Clara is the girl on the right. Wendy needs a virtual hug (As in reality, she is but pixels here on this screen). But for now, here are her and Clara's quick #30Characters Back-stories.



To submit to "Suspense" for I.F., please go to:

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Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a suspenseful weekend, in the more fun sense of the word (-:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inspiration Avenue: Rocking Horse!

I love toys, so I am very excited about this "Rocking Horse" challenge for I.A. (-:

As I was inspired by the Scrapbook paper image shown (as well as the concept of patterns, that I did a Creative Tuesday Challenge for over yonder:, I took a card I had made for Christmas while back.

And out of that, I created my submission. Shown below. It's the Rudolph-Rocking-Horse Repeated Paper Pattern! Eep, say that one a few times fast:

I aimed to make it a diverse pattern (as well as original card), since the character is riding a Christmas-inspired rocker, while wearing a Yarmulke. You can see in the original card both the Winter holidays of Channukah and Christmas are shown:

I actually was at a swap-meet a few weekends back (super cool spots, in which to get great deals on finds you'd never find anywhere else), and I saw this super cute short but stocky rocking horse. I wished I could have been little enough to justify buying it-- but all ended up being well, for at the swap meet's end, I saw a man who carried the little rocking horse off, who had an itty-bitty child with him who would be just the right size for the horse. Yay, pony found a home!

In any event, I hope everyone has a lot of fun with this challenge!

To submit or see other submissions, please go to:

Because I can never resist a good pun, I will pun-illy-- but also seriously-- hope that everyone has a rocking weekend ahead of them :-p