Thursday, January 19, 2012

Patterns for Mister Toasts "Creative Tuesdays"

Happy New Year, Creative Tuesday Creators!

Been wanting to work on Patterns for a while-- and now, that it's a prompt for "Creative Tuesdays," I've finally forced myself to do it!

I actually use a lot of patterns (swirls, repeating dots, etcetera) in my drawings, paintings, and greeting cards-- but I really like more repetitive, illustration-y, almost graphic patterns, as well.

So, that's what I've done above-- my first time doing this kind of a pattern. I've taken an original drawing, clipped a character from it, and repeated it over and over as a pattern. This pattern has a bit more diversity to it than the others I'm posting-. The animals in the pattern are not all facing the exact same direction. And thus, although I am including other versions of patterns, this one is my actual submission for "Creative Tuesdays!"

I thought, what better way to create a repetitive pattern than by using a multiplying marsupial?

Not sure I've ever mentioned it on "Creative Tuesdays," but I have a little stuffed Koala whom I have had for a long time, and who ends up in my drawings a lot. I think he's very cool (and I love toys), and he's kind of taken on a life of his own. As I said, I draw him a lot, and (at a friend's urging during one late night sleepover full of laughing and madness), I made him a Facebook page two years ago. He updates, leaves comments on people's walls, etcetera. Very silly, but all in good harmless fun.

A post I wrote the other day, actually, shows what Fuzzles looks like for real, if anyone is curious:

In any case, he is who inspired the above pattern that I've submitted. This was very fun to create for "Creative Tuesdays," and it has inspired me to keep doing more patterns in this realm. And even to do ones like the Russian Artist who Mister Toast linked to on the original challenge post, whose swirls and black and white ink work were incredible.

To submit to "Creative Tuesdays," submit by February Seventh for the "Patterns" challenge, and please go to the most recent link on the site when you do:

Below, I hope you all enjoy the other versions of the Fuzzles pattern, in different colors-- they do not feature him in as many positions as my actual submission (just him sitting facing one way), but I still think they fit the bill of being simple, repetitive, and fairly clean for a pattern (-:

Actually, I'd be curious for feedback, in case people have a preferred color of all the ones posted (if it's a different color than the blue actual submission), and/or if they prefer the submission pattern which has a variation, or the below patterns which do not.

Thanks for reading, and well wishes to all <3

Gray Fuzzles

Black (Swan... just kidding) Fuzzles

Red Fuzzles

Blue Fuzzles (same Blue as the submission, without the turn variation)

Pink Fuzzles

Purple Fuzzles


Wanda said...

Oh my goodness, Donna...I'm dizzy with delight at all the whimsical and fuzzy patterns you have created.

All the different backgrounds are great too.

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow!1 thats dizzingly delightful!!

Dina Thanki said...

Soooo many koalas! It's great how Creative Tuesdays makes us do some things that we either put off doing or have never done before. Your submission is lovely, I can imagine it being lovely wrapping paper :)

Betsy said...

Oh my! Fuzzles is making me dizzy! lol....

MMm.. said...

Donna, I think the last two (pink and mauve) ones work particualrly well too. I'm so glad you were wanting to do a pattern anyway and that Russian artist has inspired you to other things as well which I hope we get to see! :) . Also, i really enjoyed that link to the pics. WOW! your avatar icon really does look exactly like you. Very clever indeed. Great job, Donna. Ty for the fascinating write up too.

Heather said...

I love this! I love how you did this pattern....I wish i could do something like this! So cool! I agree with Dina - it would be great wrapping paper!
have a great night

EVA said...

He is adorable! You did a great job with your patterns Donna!

Christine said...

beautiful pattern idea!

Missy said...

Love your Fuzzle friend he's so cute! Love all the colors, really like the pink one. Great fun! I'm gonna check out the FB page too!

Missy said...

Oh, does he still have a FB page? He's pretty darn cute.

craftydvl said...

Hi everybody, and thank you much for the kind words! Missy, I could swear I made Fuzzles a URL forever ago, but I just updated it. For anyone curious to see general complete silliness and a toy's Facebook, here it is:

Let me know that it works <3