Thursday, January 12, 2012

Illustration Friday: Grounded!

I've been a bit behind in posting to the blogs and challenges I like (more or less have been timely with "Creative Tuesdays," but fallen off a bit for "Inspiration Avenue" and "Illustration Friday"), but it's a new year and I hope to get back on the ball with proper participation, soon (-:

So I'm starting off with a late submission (on time, but barely) for this week's I.F. and the theme of "Grounded."

In this spot illustration, two siblings decided to raid their Mom's special cupboard, where she keeps candy, and where they are only supposed to go with her permission. They decided to take out every single lollipop they found.

Since they each have dreams of being able to do clown and circus-type performances, they decided to practice juggling with a few of the lollies.

And since the girl has dreams of becoming a fashion designer, she decided to grab some Krazy Glue from her room, and attach the majority of those lollipops to the new, pricey, and Designer dress she just got for Christmas.

...Needless to say, while their creativity might be at least semi-lauded, there's a pretty strong possibility they're going to get "grounded" for this. Especially big-sis, what with the altering of her fancy new skirt, rendering the skirt unwash or dryclean-able, and rendering that many lollipops inedible.

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Ta ta for now :-D

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