Monday, December 12, 2011

Rain rain pug away, cats, pomeranians, and snowmen today

A few pictures for purposes of warming the heart. They've helped me, at any rate, as my nose and toes are froze.

The little guy above is demonstrating how I am going to feel (and the face I will probably be making) when I venture through the hills, rain, and towards Barnsdall today. Is a watercolor lesson redundant in the #LArain? Perhaps, but as I have occasionally worked with the Department of Redundancy Department ( ;-) ), it is what I am going to go over in Cartooning Class later today.

It's a cold and Windy day out right now-- I'm used to way worse from New York, but I am always cold no matter where in the world I am, so I do not blame being out West for having weakened me. Truth be told, I kind of like wintery and cold weather out here, because eighty degree Decembers still confuse me. Anyhoo, onward.

If I were a pug, I would rock this raincoat. Actually, I love the pattern. I'd wear it if it were made for people. Are they doing a human edition? Probably not, but I can dream.

This doggie is adorable, and I am sure she works the heck out of anything they give her, be it booties, scarves, or rain slickers.

I heard about these, and then Google Image Search became my friend: Kitty Measuring Cups! is where I got the picture (she also posted about these very cute things), and her art is beautiful! I love unexpected finds, whether in person or via cyberspace.

For the first time yesterday, I discovered Little Tokyo's Four Leaf Tea Room creperie-- very cute, very good crepes (you can request coffee batter!), and a great place to get work done in.

While there, I finished an illo I've been working on for a project that centers around illustrating every paragraph of "Alice in Wonderland," while making sure to use absolutely no words.

It's called the "What is the use of Words without Pictures?" project, and the paragraph I was given centered on Alice, the Gryphon, and the Mock Turtle (who, bless his heart-- I had forgotten just what a manchild he was). I might post the picture later directly, but for now, here's a link to the image via the project's Facebook album:

This last picture of a friend's Pomeranian thanks you for your time.

(Fluffy, huggable, and very yippy, I <3 little dogs, no matter how much they yap)

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