Monday, December 5, 2011

Inspiration Avenue: What is In Your Christmas Ball?

I've had a couple of weeks of complete madness, and so, am sad to have missed the past two challenges. Everyone's works were wonderful, and I think that "Aged Beauty" and "English Literature" were two very inspirational prompts. This week the theme is holiday related, and the question is: "What is in Your Christmas Ball?" And for this card below, her Christmas Ornament Balls are filled with snowflake, pattern, or heart designs.

Perhaps the more important question, though, is what is in her cylindrical present box? It appears to be a little seal, helping her juggle and balance those ornaments as only a seal can. Seals are wonderful animals, and once they're done playing together, I hope she gets him put back properly into his habitat-- whether he's at the zoo, or in the wild, he's going to need a bit more room than just that box to splash around in!

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artangel said...

Love your submission Donna - full of colours and festive fun (and I love the content of her parcel - very cute little seal!) I think a few of us will feel a connection to juggling lots of balls - especially at Christmas!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Very cute entry! I wish I had a juggling seal about now to help me out with all the Christmas preparations!

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

I love your interpretation and so glad you are back on board as I missed seeing your work... that seal is too cute...xx

priti.lisa said...

You are so creative Donna...always an extra smile found here!

VonnyK said...

Love your bright colours and the juggling seems quite appropriate for this time of year, especially when you have kids and summer holidays.