Saturday, December 31, 2011

Inspiration Avenue: Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue-- and Happy New Year's Eve!

I have been very remiss in submitting to I.A. lately. Better time-management, planning, and making sure to get done everything I need to, and participate in everything I need to, are definite things on my mind because of the time of year, and the very day, that it is. So, I hope to be more regular and back on track in the future.

But-- to close off 2011 on an arty note, and to make it in before the deadline expires, here is my entry! You can see one clip of my submission above, and another one below, that's a bit more of a close-up. As yet, it is untitled. I found this challenge to be a great one, especially since it was cool to see an old adage adapted to artist-world, and not used as it was traditionally. The borrowed/blue/old/new sayings really do apply to art-making --!!

To make things a bit easier, I'll sort of bullet point what in this piece fits the various requirements of the challenge.

OLD: The paper this was drawn on (Arches Watercolor paper that I bought a year ago), as well as the fact it was done largely in pencil. Pencil was a technique I used a long time ago, and with getting back into it, I'm considering it as a return to an "old" medium.

NEW: The piece itself. I think I am going to extend it into a full illustration and possibly pin-up drawing, so because it is still in process and flux, it is new. Also, I just got a great deal on a set of pencils of various hardnesses, so I used all my new H's and B's for the drawing.

BORROWED: The idea of a girl, or mer-girl, being friends with a marine creature (a Narwhal here, and a Seagull in the original)-- and brushing her hair with a fork. I kind of want to title the finished piece "The Dinglehopper," for the many Disney and Ariel fans who will understand the joke, although I am afraid that might not be allowed? In any case, my borrowing was more conceptual, but borrowing nonetheless.

BLUE: Blue will probably be more used throughout the finished piece. However, for now, her eyes are a (very dark gray) blue. And also, her Narwhal friend has bright blue eyes, perhaps as blue as the ocean they play in.

I have loved participating on this blog very much. Looking at inspirational ideas, works from others, and getting kind comments on my blog gave me many smiles throughout these past three hundred and sixty-five days.

Here's to hoping that everyone is having a great close to this year, to prepare for an even grander opening for next.


priti.lisa said...

You are what fairy tales are made of Donna! This is magical.
Happy, happy New Year♥♥♥

gma said...

Happy New Year Donna. Love the Mergirl and her friend. Being a landlocked mermaid myself I don't have the opportunity to meet Narwhals. This is fantastic!

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

I really love the way your mind puts things together... hope you have had a great New Year...xx

artangel said...

Quirky, original and gorgeous! May you carry on producing fab art throughout 2012 Donna :)

Lenora said...

Disney would be proud - but she is better than Disney - wonderful friendship!