Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Illustration Friday: Brigade

According to Miriam Webster's second definition online, "Brigade" means:

: a group of people organized for special activity

So, the above illo I think qualifies. Not subject matter chosen by me; I did a couple of test drawings last year for consideration for an L.A. Sheriff's project. I did not end up doing it, but it was an interesting exercise. Obviously, those in law enforcement constitute a group organized for a special activity. Two, is small, but is still a group, of sorts. In this case capturing outlaws (or in this scene, just one outlaw) is the special activity at hand.

Anyway, I figured I'd submit this illo and put it to use, since it's sort of sat around and not had a use since I did it around ten months ago. And I fell off the I.F. bandwagon for a few busy weeks, but am happy to be back and participating.

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