Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Creative Tuesdays: Mistletoe

EDITED POST! Below is an image that properly shows Mistletoe-- before today, I actually thought Holly and Mistletoe were one and the same, except one version was red with fewer leaves, and one was white with more leaves. In any case, my corrected submission for Creative Tuesdays is below, and below that is my original submission (that shows Holly-- phew, confusing!).

Above, the card (a little bit "Nightmare Before Christmas" esque, as it's two girls, with witch-ish hats, for the holiday season), is captioned:

"Here's a little note to say, you look just bewitching today!"

Also, on the C.T. front: I was bummed about missing last time's Creative Tuesdays! Especially because I did not even miss-- I made my entry, but posted it to the site via my Android... and despite it saying on my phone it had posted, the sad truth was that it had not. Mercury in Retrograde is following me around, chuckling gleefully and caushing havoc. I didn't realize my image did not post, until the challenge was closed. But luckily, Mister Toast was kind enough to post a link right to my image on that week's blog, so, yay!

Again, my contribution to "Three" was here:

And below was my original contribution to this week's challenge, "Mistletoe!" Except, that one is more like "Holly," since, those are floating holly leaves (and apparently, not mistletoes).

I just made this card for the Holidays, and I captioned it, "Hope You Have A Magical Season! As they are playing with magic, hearts, and magical mistletoe.

To submit to this Creative Tuesday's Challenge, please go to the most recent entry on December 6th, 2011:

To see other Christmas Cards I have done, please go to:

Happy Holidays!


MMm.. said...

DEar Donna, oh what a bummer i did not see you THREE entry1 will look at it now and add it later. Yes, very cute and fun..but where is the mistletoe? did I miss it? It is the holly of sorts? :) I so love your style, as always. TY.

craftydvl said...

Hi Mister Toast! I was afraid it might be hard to see, because the pen I used for the mistletoes and the gold pen I used for the swirl patterns more overlapped, and didn't blend as smoothly as I hoped :-\ I looked at this Mistleto pic for reference: http://i.istockimg.com/file_thumbview_approve/4488614/2/stock-illustration-4488614-mistletoe-christmas-card.jpg , and it was supposed to be four floating mistletoes. Since she had a wand/magic, I figured the magic was making them suspended in midair-- again, though, they're not as clear as I'd hoped b/c of the pen blend.

I have another card I made with two girls playing with a cat, standing under a single mistletoe-- that one is clearer, so if you would like me to switch images, please let me know and I'll do it forthwith. Thank you for your kind words, and these lovely challenges <3

MMm.. said...

No. that';s fine. i figured as much but thank you for the explanation for the others who will come here. :) i still love it.

BTw, i went ahead and added a link to your THREE entry from last time since you had that mishaps with your phone. Also, added the pic to top of montages for THREE so others will see it if they go back. hope that helps. Take care. so love your creative spunk. :)

craftydvl said...

Oh wow, thank you! Yay, that makes my Tuesday :-D Very appreciative of all you do Mister Toast, and I am going to go look at everyone else's posts right now! Creative Tuesdays is the best.

MMm.. said...

Ha. i think that the image is named wrong. that is holly! Innocent mistake i know. not everyone knows what mistletoe looks like. i had to look it up too.

why don't you just add the other mistletoe image too for the sake of clarity then. thanks.

craftydvl said...

Mister Toast, no problem-- done and done! I now know the difference between those two festive plants, hee :-)

MMm.. said...

you never knew just how educational Creative Tuesdays can be, did you?

Christine said...

Nice work, both your holly and mistletoe!

EVA said...

A lovely picture - looks like the girls are having a great time!

Jehanne's doodles said...

Yup, I had to look up mistletoe to make sure it was what I thought it was and then I everything about smooching under it was miles away from my mind LOL
Super cute illustrations.

Dina Thanki said...

I've had problems with taking part via Android before too so I always enter via my laptop just to be on the safe side. Both entries are lovely and I always enjoy your style of work.

Wanda said...

You have such a unique gift and style...Always look forward to your card sellection and how you use each theme for them.

Merry Christmas.