Friday, November 11, 2011

Inspired by a Madonna quote, some TV ramblings, and paraphrasing Kanye: "Only you, should have that much power..."

If "no one man should have that much power," then I agree that only you should have such a large influence over yourself.

By "man" I mean human beings, not just dudes. No one, of any gender, should get to push another person around. Even if it's just a person taking up too much mental space in another's mind, because of overbearing behavior, drama, etc.

Sentiment (and subsequent rant) came out of finding the awesome image in the middle of this blog, first seen at Troian Bellisario's Tumblr:

(All you theatre peeps, yes, that blog name directly references McDonagh's "The Pillowman.")

She portrays Spencer Hastings on "Pretty Little Liars.

I love Spencer, and need to infuse more of her fierceness into my own persona. It's there, but White Swan style, often hiding under the surface. In any case, Spencer is now on my list of favorite strong teen girl characters, joining the ranks of my previous (still current?) favorites, Veronica Mars (portrayed by Kristen Bell), and Blair Waldorf (at least the Season One version of her, portrayed by Leighton Meester).

PLL has also surpassed GG in terms of shows I like, with the Hitchcock-esque filmography, horror movie aspect of it, and strong storylines alongside the great performances. Meester is still great on GG, but the writing on the show is all over the place. But I digress.

Here is a blog dedicated to Spencer Hasting's many unimpressed side-eyes and expressions:

Also, clearly as a person in real life, Miss Bellisario has great taste in photography (not only the picture below, but the blog as a whole), as well as killer quotes.

Anybody who knows me knows that:
"Sisters, this is not the way --!"

Is a catchphrase that I often say. Usually not to someone directly, but when lamenting about various situations to third parties.

I say it when I see people making what (at least that I perceive) are bad decisions, putting up with b.s. or degrading behavior from others. It also extends to people acting out vehemently against someone who has hurt them-- only to embarrass themselves, derail the dignity train from the station, and not even get vengeance on the wrong-doers in the process.

Here I go, segueing into talking about yet another character on TV that I'm a fan of :-p

Emily Thorne, on ABC's "Revenge," is Count of Monte Cristo style organized and pissed off. She has evil plans. That's actually fine with me (even though homegirl's a bit of a sociopath). For one, she's just a fictional character. But in the world of the story, she had her life ruined from age nine on, her Dad's life was unfairly destroyed, she has plenty of motive, and she knows what she's doing, pretty much down to every last detail.

However, if she were randomly flipping out against those who ruined her life, and just throwing craziness and tantrums at the wall to see what sticks/might hurt someone, she wouldn't really be accomplishing anything.

In so many words, I often wish that people would choose better courses of actions for themselves, in many walks of life-- whether it's company they keep, or their own reactions to things that happen.

I'm not immune to any of this stuff, and I know it's part of the human condition to feel things out, learn from bad experiences, sometimes stay in friendships or relationships after they should not longer be stayed in, to feel humiliated, to rationalize things that are toxic when one should simply run, and all the rest of it.

But, whether it's about myself, or about a loved one, or even a fictional character, many situations make that "Sisters, this is not the way!" phrase run through my head.

Point being, the above image and quote is the very picture of:

"Sisters-- this IS the way --!!"

I like Madonna, but I'm not a die-hard fan, so I had no idea she had ever said this. It's quite accurate, and unlike ideas being put forth by certain tween series that shall not be named, I think it's a far better message for people as a whole (and also, impressionable teens), that the ultimate power is to keep going.

It sucks to be rejected, unloved, or not accepted-- yes. But doesn't it suck more to let another person's opinion and douchery bring you down?? A bit of a riff off that "Haters gonna hate" meme, but I am serious.

"Power is being told you are not loved, and not being destroyed by it."

Thank you, Madonna, for my new quote of the week (and for having said something I like enough to now go on my list of favorite quotes).

Also, for those of you who like PLL? Vote for them here! The show's up for a People's Choice Award.

My White-Swan-ishly nervous spot illo of a ballerina thanks you for your time ^__^

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