Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Creative Tuesdays: Three--!!

Here is a card of three girls, all good friends, quasi-based upon me and my two best friends from college!

In keeping with the C.T. "Three" theme, this is a trio of girls/friends. And also, the inside of the card reads as follows:

"Whenever you wish to feel warm and snug,
Open this card, for three free hugs --!!"

And for good measure, there are a few hearts and bluebirds of happiness fluttering around.

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Happy Tuesdays and Happy Creating <3


MMm.. said...

Adorable words inside and a well done piece. Love the hearts in the background. GREAt piece, Donna,--wish I had not missed it last week. Sorry.

Ty for including a link to it this week, btw. It;s really lovely.

craftydvl said...

Mister Toast, not to worry! It was my fault for not posting correctly-- I should have suspected my Android didn't do it correctly and double checked on a computer (it is Mercury in Retrograde, after all), although it was hard to get to a computer as I was visiting my family and didn't have regular internet access. Thank you for being so nice, and glad you liked the piece in all its belatedness :-D

MMm.. said...

hope people come here to visit it. I really do.

Christine said...

This is very sweet, sorry I missed it last week!