Friday, November 11, 2011

Combination Post. "Silent," Illustration Friday. And (Unofficial) 30 Characters, Day Eleven: Bunnimorph

Quickly sketched character, born of a brush pen. Anybody remember "Animorphs?" It was a cool series when I was in elementary school, of people who had the ability to transform into certain types of animals-- I don't remember it exactly, but one of my childhood best friends won the contest they had for a child to write a story based on the characters, and it was published in one of the books. Pretty amazing for her (-: Anyway, creating this character made me reflect back.

This "Bunnimorph" character above is a Queen, yet she is "Silent--" For she cannot communicate with words to her actual bunny subjects, so she must rule with smiles, hand gestures, and the offering of carrots. She thinks she intuitively knows how to speak both English and Spanish, but she knows no humans to practice with, so she chooses not to speak at all.

A close up of her face, we learn her name is Connie. "Coneja" is her real name, but she for some odd reason has Anglicized her name. Perhaps it's because the few sounds the rabbits make (little squeaks, at times) sound closer to that, than to her real name. She does not know her family, but grew up in a warren. When she was old enough to understand, she realized that little rabbits were raising her. There was a human village nearby, but she knew she was not quite one of them, either. After all, "normal" humans don't have one of their limbs as an overgrown rabbit paw, and they don't have bunny ears that protrude from their heads.

Connie even continued to be met with kindness by the rabbits even once she became human sized-- for she was always gentle with them, and her large size has caused her to be able to protect them. So, she is their Queen, and wants to stay with them forever. She longs for human contact at times, and has even found a few newspapers that blew by in the wind, to read up on what goes on. But with what she's read in the paper, she has learned about enough cruelties that humans do to each other, it scares her off from ever wanting to know more. Plus, she is afraid they would hurt her colony of loyal friends and bunnies.

Close up of the bunny. Hungry one, isn't he? His name is Jason although he can't tell Connie that-- their relationship is loving, but again, silent-- for not only do they not speak the same language, a la "Happy Feet," it just sounds like noises when each one hears the other's voices. But luckily, intuition goes a long way. Sometimes, best friends "get" one another, without ever a word spoken. Luckily that is the case here.

Final facial close-up. It appears that Connie might slightly be wincing. Was not unintentional, but perhaps I can't contain my frequent unimpressed-ness... even in the faces of my characters.

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Thank you for reading, and hope everyone has a "Hoppy" Weekend! "Hoppy" and Happy Eleven Eleven Eleven, day.

I'll close with the two eleven word stories I submitted to Twitter's #11Words Story Challenge:

"Blood rushed to her cheeks, flushing with the fire of shame."

"Doug sunk into his stuffed toys... his only friends."

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