Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Art Nouveau for Inspiration Avenue (And "The Swan Queen" Halloween Update!)

Hello, all! This post is a post for the weekly submission for I.A., as well as a weekend recap. Some readers were curious about my "Black Swan" costume, so I figured I'd put these two updates together.

Anyway, this week has a very challenging challenge for Inspiration Avenue! The theme is Art Nouveau (super classic style; love it). While I want to also do a future piece which is in the true style of Nouveau, I feel that this one combines elements of Nouveau while still having more elements of the style I work in normally. Been thinking about branching out into other styles/mediums/returning to some old after seeing a lot of wonderful artist's work at the Long Beach Comic Con this past weekend, but that is a slightly different story.

The colors are brighter than normal Nouveau (which is generally tan and natural), but the curvelinear parts of this card, the flowery elements of the border, and accentuating the curves on the girls' costumes with silver (not quite whiplash, but still highlighted) were all homages to Nouveau.

These girls on this greeting card are little ballerinas, and ballerinas seem to be the order of the day/entire past weekend, as it was Halloween and I finally got the chance to dance around and flap my wings and have winged eye-makeup madness/craziness/complete fun.

Here, they are happy ballerinas (Odettes pre-transformation?), dancing in ways that show lines and curves, and even their little ballerina bunny plush animal seems to be lifting up her paw/curving out her hand as if she's doing the arm motion you do alongside a plie.

On another I.A. related note, I was the lucky winner of Stephanie/Dragonfly Design Studios' Artist's Journal, for the giveaway! I am a journal fiend, and I can't wait to start writing and drawing in this. Isn't it beautiful?

Her blog link is below:

Just to let everyone know, for this week, if you'd like to submit to I.A., please go to:

Other cards of mine like this are at the link below:

And also below, are tutus/ballet shoes/and feathery silliness. Feathers, too, would be considered organic, right? Synthetic though the ones I sewed on were, in a sense that element of the Halloween costume I put together fit the Nouveau theme.

I've included a few pictures of my "Black Swan"/"The Swan Queen" ("It's my turn!!" Kidding, but a reference for those who've seen the film) costume that I took on Saturday, and on Halloween itself.

(Swan at the Con)

I dressed up all day Saturday, as I was at the Long Beach Comic Con down in Long Beach, CA. I took a break on Sunday, but then was in costume again up all day (including taking the subway and buses in my costume, and teaching my cartooning students) on Halloween Monday. Over the weekend, I had a table alongside other creators in the "Samurai: The Graphic Novel" anthology. It overall was a lot of fun. I am grateful in the company of those who are good artists, good company, and good people.

The full list of those in the book, as well as those who were at the Con (Gerimi Burleigh, Karl Alstaetter, Jamie Gambell, Jesse Mesa Toves, Drew Johnston, and Dan Smith A.K.A. "SMIF"-- all of whose work is great and should be checked out) is at this link:

And now, I'll close with this bit of picspam. Hope everyone enjoys!

Long shot, taken by Dan Smith, of the row of us all on Saturday.

Professional cosplayer Xena Norma, and the Swan Queen. Photo is Trademarked to her, and her Flickr is here:

The Swan Queen and the Koala Cygnet (a.k.a. Fuzzles, a.k.a. Hobbes if I were a female, older version of Calvin, and Hobbes was an herbivorous marsupial instead of a ferocious yet cuddly tiger).

The Black Swan went on a Halloween Cruise with Jekyll/Hyde. It went around Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach, and was quite a lot of fun. Costumes, plus music, plus dancing, plus getting to stand up top of a vessel and see even the edges of the Pacific and barges and such is really cool.

On Halloween morning, the Swan Queen fluttered over to Hollywood and Highland. It's very touristy and Times Square-y, and people dress in costume year round as street performers. Zorro was kind enough to pose/help the ballerina not fall while attempting a leg lift that she was improperly stretched for. Hope the almost fall isn't too noticeable!

And finally, the Black Swan is a Tim Burton fan-- or, she aspires to be a Nightmare Before Christmas? The movie did come out last December. Hrmmm... *scratches head*

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and is off to a Happy November --!!


Magpie said...

I always love your drawings...so bright and fun!
Looks like you had a wild Halloween weekend!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You are a fantastic Swan Queen. What great photos, too. And I like your Art Nouveau painting, too. Your kids are always fun to look at. Very close to whiplash.

Terrie said...

Playful and fun card and looks like you had a delightful time as swan queen! Thanks for sharing.

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

Great card and it looks as though you had a huge week... the black swan costume is great and the photos were really fun to see... amazing costume xx

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Love the swirls and lines you added into your art and THANKS for the shout out, I'm glad you liked the journal!

gemma said...

Congrats on your win. Ewww the Black Swan you certainly look the part. Bet that was fun! Cute Nouveau art too.

artangel said...

A gorgeous blend of Art Nouveau with your own style!

Loving the swan costume - suits you! And I'm very jealous that you won Steph's amazing journal ;)