Sunday, November 27, 2011

30 Characters: Day 27

This 30 Characters girl is in process slash progress, but even though she is not done, I wanted to show her for the challenge. Both her story and her drawing are a little sketchy, so forgive how quickly the story especially, is described.

While not a mean Queen Bee a la "Mean Girls," she kind of is the Queen of the Bees. Roxanne Hunnies. Cyrano De Bee-Gerac has a crush on her. She is in her twenties, kind, and she hates cell phones. They give her migraines, and can kill her closest friends (since sadly, cell phones are attributed to the harm and death of many bees, from the radiation they emit).

Essentially, theirs is the story of Cyrano de Bergerac, except Cyrano de Bee-Gerac can't hide from Roxanne-- he simply avoids Roxanne because he likes her and is shy. However, she likes him-- and in the finished version of this, it will show her looking at him smiling, while he looks on all concerned. Anyway, Roxanne is also the Human Queen of those little bees I posted about some time ago-- and I am happy to be ("bee?") finding more uses for them.

They were mentioned back here during the challenge:

Also something else is different about this drawing than some other things, but secretive me, I will not say. Moo-ha-ha!

Just got to keep slowly plugging along until it moves past this pencil stage and into the world of color.

But for now, Miss Roxanne Hunnies will remain sketchy.

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