Wednesday, November 9, 2011

30 Characters: Day 9

And now, I continue the saga of Mister Bee! But instead, featuring Miss Aloof Leafy Ladybug, as the character being shown for my unofficial ninth submission to the "Thirty Characters" challenge.

She is friends with Mister Buzzy Bee, but always flying away, and giving him mixed signals. She too, is a creation made with Prismacolor markers. Also quite geometric, she is mostly made of lines and circles-- and even has seven, luckily, spots on her back wings.

On the subject of light and dark, I'd say her personality is far more gray-- but to the shy Mister Buzzy Bee, she seems more confident/"Black Swan"-ish, making her behavior harder to read, somewhat more frustrating, and also complicating his crush on her. Hopefully, she can teach him to unleash parts of him that he ought to, without him having go fully irreversible "Black Swan," using his stinger, etcetera.

And, I will close these late night, quasi-coherent rants with a picture of the two of them. Again, to protect his privacy, I've whited out Mister Buzzy Bee's thoughts.

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