Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Characters: Day 8

Can't sleep, clowns will eat me. Well, here is a bee. And where he is, it is snowy.

Only the second two of those sentences are true-- just being up and being silly, I wanted to make something rhyme :-p

Like my first thirty characters post, Day 8 and Day 9 are going to feature two characters, so a two-for-one submission, if you will. Posting this one late into the evening, and then the second one early into the morning.

As for this character? Oh, Mister Bee. Buzzy is his first name-- because this late at night, I can't come up with anything better. There's more to his story, though.

I used to draw a lot of sad buzzing bee characters five years ago, just like this guy, when I was experimenting with Prismacolor markers for the first time. I would make a lot of geometric, just like this guy here, focusing mostly on shapes and colors. I now prefer Copic, but Prismacolor are still quite nice.

Those bees were, and this bee is, a bit "White Swan-" ish. Watching life from the sidelines, but too shy/sad/scared to take risks and fully let go. Note his expression in the cropped picture below. Forgive that I whited out his thoughts-- he requested that I not tell the world his most private musings.

For those of you familiar with "Black Swan" (a movie which is beginning to override my other long-time obsessions, and which I talk about way too much), it focuses on the themes in "Swan Lake" that delve into the very Westernized concepts of "Good vs. Evil," and "Light vs. Dark." Not necessarily an accurate or healthy way to think of the human condition, but an interesting and sort of eternal one, nonetheless. You can't escape it as a theme in classic literature (or even in religious texts).

(Coincidentally, or not so much? I am listening to Lady GaGa's "Judas" as I type this. Anyway.)

In any case, the "White Swan" can mean beautiful, but fragile, repressed, and eventually too shut down and held in for said Swan's own good. The "Black Swan" can mean powerful, dangerous, sensual, exciting-- but ultimately, destructive, if the person trying to reach those emotions or states of being has to break through many issues and repression to get there, and may drag themselves into/through hell in the transformational process. Basically, once a "White Swan" snaps and turns into the evil twin, it can be freeing, exhilarating, yet, ultimately destroy who he or she is. At least, that's the message the film itself hints at.

Well. This species of cartoon bee spends much of his time buzzing around, all sad, trying to please everybody, without anybody really paying attention to him or his feelings... but we all know what happens when bees get mad/scared/defensive.

They have a stinger. It has venom in it. For that period when they fly around, and get the adrenaline rush to sting something/someone, they have all the force of a "Black Swan." In flight. Powerful. Able to hurt, perhaps even destroy. Perhaps the most powerful moments of a bee's life. But, the sad price to pay is that a bee cannot live once it has stung something. So, finally letting go leads to the bee's ultimate destruction, if the bee is pushed that far.

The bee I drew here is still shy, scared, and not at all about to turn from an Odette to an Odile. That's why he walks sadly through the snow, and is watching another character (to be featured in the next post!) sadly from afar, without questioning the situation. However, if Mister Buzzy Bee continues on this path, it may not bode well for him.

Perhaps I will do another #30Characters (unofficial) submission, either showing him able to continue living on the "light" side of things, and stick up for himself without losing his mind. Or perhaps I will turn him full on "Black Swan" Bee, and have him finally express those held in emotions. But truth be told, I think he is a cute little guy, and I would feel bad drawing him once he had reached that point of destruction.

Instead, before my next characters post, I will include an MS Paint Masterpiece of Mister Buzzy Bee as "The Black Swan."

I, Mister Buzzy Bee, his above Evil Twin, and elegant dancing Waterfowl everywhere (both evil and good) thank you for your time.

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