Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Characters: Day 7

I don't usually create work in the Manga/Manhwa style, but here's a quick character who fits those bills.

Her name is Demi. She's a fashion model, in her twenties, and usually she enjoys modeling. However, this is her first gig with a... questionable prop, and as she doesn't usually pose in this modeling subset, she's a little confused/unimpressed. Demi liked the cape. The roses in her hair were a nice touch. She was all excited for the cool corset wear. And the hilltop/mountain-esque location for the shoot was exquisite.

Then, she got fitted for the ball and chain... and it was all downhill from there. Her "smizing" has fallen into (much like the mer-girl before her) "WTF??"-ing.

Full shot of Demi and her modeling shot for this shoot.

A bit more of a close-up, to showcase her hair and the upper part of her outfit.

A shot to showcase the decor and patterning on the bottom half of her outfit.

One final take-- poor Demi just cannot get rid of that unimpressed expression.

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