Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Characters: Day 6

Here is a another quickly sketched character, who I am including actually in part she did not turn out as planned. Well. I didn't really plan, and then weird things happened. Although, I think when creating characters the unexpected can be very cool, and hence, here is a drawing that ended up being full of things I didn't expect.

Also. I didn't get around to naming her, and now, she just as confused as I am. She expected to be "part of that world," and... well, things just got fishier. Sorry, couldn't resist.

I think her thought bubble and expression speak for themselves.

Below, all shall see why that "WTF??" Was uttered.

With a patterned tail-fin that looks more like a uniform skirt, and that is quite short, arm fins that are larger than her legs, and a left fin that's bigger than the right and possibly as long as her tail-fin, I still think she's pretty cool. Although she is still giving me side-eye, for not properly thinking out her proportions and her various logistics, before I sketched her out with a quickness.

Any thoughts on what I should name her?

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