Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Characters: Day 4

Meet Sarah!

Some of my characters are going to be a little bit more sketchy. Hopefully not in the dodgy way, in the quickly drawn/less complete way. This girl here began as a pastel sketch, and morphed into an ink-ily outlined person. Unfortunately for her, I did not get around to finishing drawing her-- but I am to complete the scene, and her lying down, in the future.

For now? I'll give a brief character description.

Sarah is procrastinating from her homework. Sarah is in college, and would rather be watching Lady GaGa videos on Youtube than be doing her Biochemistry assignment. She also would rather be studying set design, but her Dad is a scientist, and would be horribly unhappy if she didn't follow in his shoes. In any event, she does all the afterschool theatre shows she can, but is also lacksadaiscial when it comes to doing her science assignments that she's not very excited over. She immerses herself with anything theatre like whenever she can. And, that includes GaGa's very fun/theatrical/over the top (all in my opinion, anyway, on her fun-ness) video glory.

Note how Sarah has her finger pointing out?

She is emulating the part of the "Bad Romance" video where GaGa cocks her hand like a gun, right after she finishes the whole "I don't wanna be frieeeeeeeeends... want your bad romance, (caught in a bad romance), want your bad romance!" (BOOM, goes her hand), section.

Here's a quick detail of the crinkles on Sarah's shirt, as well as her skirt's and belt's patterning.

Hi, Sarah! Close up of her face, crooked bun, messy hair, and headband. And now I say "Bye," to Sarah, for I am tired and must sleep. It was nice getting to know and sketch you.

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