Thursday, November 3, 2011

30 Characters: Day 3

Whipped out a new girl today. So far, keeping up with the challenge. She's a clown! Whee. I know some people have phobias of them, which I respect and understand-- I've just always loved clowns, and when I was little wanted to play with the happy ones, and wanted to hug the sad ones.

This one is the daughter of the ringmaster. They have a family circus (their own, not a reference to the comic strip), and it's small, reasonably popular for its size, and it is big on animal safety. It doesn't have as exotic animals as Ringling Brothers, but all the animals they do have are loved and well taken care of. The clown girl's favorite animal is the Dalmatian who balances balls on his nose. He belongs to the whole family, but she considers him hers. Perhaps I should draw him, as well as the aforementioned soccer ball dog from my previous Thirty Characters post.

While she performs as a clown in the family travelling circus, she'd much rather be doing fashion design. To get her creative energies out, she redesigns her costumes from time to time. She hates wearing her clown hat, which gets on everyone else in the troupe's nerves (she'd prefer to show off her pink hair, which is actually dyed that color, than wear the hat like everybody else has to). However, makes up for it with the interesting ways she tweaks her outfits (some people even come to their shows to observe the fashions she creates), and the fact she kills it when she juggles. Her name is... Leah. Pronounced, "Lay-ah," like the Princess.

Leah was drawn in my lovely new journal I mentioned once before, courtesy of a Giveaway challenge from the great weekly challenge site:

The journal was created by lovely Miss Stephanie of Dragonfly Design Studios, whose blog can be found here:

Here are some more shots of my third character for my (unofficial, slash self-disciplining for writing/drawing/creating) participation in the challenge:

Phone photo, but close up of her face.

Close up of her costume's bodice, complete with clown-face buttons. She added all the lacing, sewed the belt herself, and sculpted the big clown buttons. They're really pins made of Sculpey, but she pins them over the actual tiny buttons to give the illusion.

Spotty tights, and clown faces even on her shoes. She glued the noses on (they're converted Styrofoam balls, and painted the faces.

Here she is, juggling. It looks like she's mid-air here because I hadn't drawn the ground like in the first picture I showed-- but still, there she is, doing her circus-y talent that she does best.

It was fun to draw Leah, as I did her in a little bit of a different style than usual. Very similar, but slightly more animation-y in proportion, face and eye shape, and the like.

I'm a bit knackered (the King's English, or at least non-American English, to say tired), so that's all for now. But woo for this cool challenge, and again-- here's where to follow those who are actually participating in it:

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