Tuesday, November 29, 2011

30 Characters: Day 29

Here is Koalenvie.

An anthropomorphic marsupial, she has green fur, green human like hair, and a green heart. She can be loving, but spends so much of her time being upset over real/perceived wrongdoings and slights, she is a jealous girl (Bear? Koala? Ooop, that's right-- marsupial).

Today is the Festival of Fuzzle, hence her celebratory balloon. However, she is upset-- her balloon is itty-bitty, in comparison to the one her friend has, and so she feels slighted. Poor Koalenvie.Below are some photos of her sulky self.

Her thought bubble is dark, cloudy, angsty. Oh, Koalenvie,

Drawing propped up on top of a doilie, which looks cool as it reflects from her costume.

Grouchy Girl.

Another headshot of Miss Envie.

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