Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Characters: Day 22

Haunted, haunting, or both? Pastel melancholy tends to do both. Oh dear, for both Gia, and the previously posted character, Melanie.

I will freely admit that Days 22-26 of my unofficially doing this challenge were drafted, not finished, and not posted on time. I am going to backdate them each to be the proper date so as to avoid confusion for the challenge-- but with being home in New York for Turkey Day, life overall, and it being sometimes difficult to get internet access, I fell off the mark a bit. But I'm back to punctuality, and Days 27-30 should complete according to plan.

Anyway, onward: Gia , the Ghostly Theatre Girl.

NAME: Gia Simon
OCCUPATION: Phantom-- not an actual ghost, but someone who people notice so little, she feels like Miss Cellophane.
STORY: A college student who does not get along with her roommates, she has taken to crashing in her schools theatre department. It is unorganized to the nth degree, so nobody really notices this quiet girl kind of being a creeper in the wings. There's a green room nobody notices, so when she isn't watching rehearsals, she's doing her work/reading plays/hiding from life in the world in there. Maybe she's less Opera Ghost, and more "Milton" from "Office Space."
LOCATION: The suburbs of a big city.
SECRET DREAMS: To be onstage, and write a play. She has yet to see "Phantom of the Opera--" and perhaps she shouldn't, as it might give her some unhealthy ideas.
SECRET SHE DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT: The student who does tech has noticed her, and he wants to reach out to her/get to know her (he is intrigued by her, as well as the possible element of crazy/danger), but he feels a bit torn. Also, he is very superstitious, and suspects she could be a ghost and that he is losing his mind.

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