Monday, November 28, 2011

30 Characters: Day 28, and Written by Jamie Gambell!

Below is a design by the very talented writer, Jamie Gambell. Her name is Madam Gaia. So, drawn by me, conceptualized by him --!!

I have the pleasure of knowing Jamie, as he is the assistant editor on the Samurai anthology.

Below is his description for Madame Gaia:

Madae Gaia is a Madam Hydra style leader of the bad guys (based on the Greek mythological primoridal earth mother), and she is in charge of the Army of the Fallen Titans. They can be seen here:

Here is Jamie's website overall:

If he gets the chance to post this on the actual website, I will include a 30 Characters link as well. Otherwise, ta ta for now and enjoy ^__^

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