Monday, November 21, 2011

30 Characters: Day 21

This character is named Melanie Cholia.

Her unfortunately spelled, and sounding, name is appropriate. An angst-y little thing, she was named for the sorrow present in the town she was born in. Her parents are kind, but unable to be happy-- after all, it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the citizens.

Ever since Melanie was old enough to walk, she has always tried to run away to the town of Smiles (which is the next city over), but nobody between the two places is ever allowed to cross over. It would disrupt the balance of the universe. Butterfly effect, you know. Anyway, this quick character headshot shows her mid-sigh. I suppose as she's only twenty-two, there's plenty of room for sighing and angst still. Especially since she lives in a town that is a bit like Halloweentown (a la "Nightmare Before Christmas"), she cannot really go against the grain. And thus, we have her sad face.

Close up of her eyes.

Close up of her face again. She was drawn on conte paper, using pastels, paint, and ink, then glued on another piece of darker conte paper. I like how the rainbow shadows flicker across her face, even though they accentuate her less than stellar mood.

Perhaps one day, she will figure out a way to break convention, and sneak over that fence into a happier place. Hrmm, hrmm...

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