Sunday, November 20, 2011

30 Characters: Day 20

Today's character only lived a short while, much like his real life counterparts. Like the Wicked Witch of the West, Water would be what made him meet his demise. But as a face Butterfly, he knows that come crayons, water, and face paint, he will rise again on a new person's visage.

(There he is! Sitting on top of the lovely woman's face upon which he appeared today)

This creature was born of face paint, and fluttered onto a person's face today-- I'll explain.

I had a gig painting faces at two different Blockbuster stores today, as each was having a community holiday event with jumping castles, crafts for kids, and a face painter-- which was me. It was a lot of fun! Many people wanted designs or pre-existing characters (such as the Joker, Venom, and Batman), or flowers and butterflies-- one such butterfly came to life in my mind to an extent that I felt him worthy of the challenge.

NAME: Flutterby, although sometimes called Flutterface
CREATURE: Wide eyed butterfly, whose existence is transient, fleeting, yet full of vitality when he is actually in existence
PURPOSE: To bring splashes of color, and happiness, across a child's or a grown-up's face, for at least a few hours a day. He himself enjoys the compliments made on the face painting-- which is a compliment of his lovely insect looks!
LIKES: Parties, happy children, people who do not scratch/rub their faces carelessly
DISLIKES: People who wipe their brows (and thus destroy his life even more untimely than it will be already), people who forget they're wearing face paint (see previous complaint), water, and tears (if they fall from someone not liking that he has appeared and been created onto a person's cheek, forehead, etcetera)

Flutterby can hear and see everything that goes on when he is painted onto a person's face. When he gets erased, he floats into space and into a kind of limbo. Yet, when he senses a party or gathering with face painting, he channels through lightwaves, into a crayon, and infuses himself with the material, eventually splashing through onto a new person's face, to live for a few more hours and make them happy with how fun and interesting their design looks-- never knowing that mister Flutterby has a mind all his own.

An odd #30Characters, but I hope an entertaining one. More to come, mehopes (-: And as I'm tired, I am off. Perhaps I'll post other painted faces pictures if I get the time.

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