Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Characters: Day 2

So, here we go for the next day's submission (on my unofficial participation in this challenge). Yesterday (as in, one hour ago), the focus was on Leroy. Now, it is on his friend, Damien.

Name: Damien Thompson

Age: Nine

Gender: Male

Hobbies: Soccer, soccer, and soccer. There are actually a lot of hobbies he likes, but he spends a lot of his time playing on his school's soccer team, and reading books and magazines about the sport. He also really likes to draw, and is frequently sketching comic stories about a little dog, who is a soccer ball. He's a dog, but with the body of a soccer ball instead of a normal torso. He's kind of a funny superhero, since he has powers even though people think he's just a silly creature. He can fly like superman, but unfortunately, he always needs sports-sy boosts to do so. Headbutting him will send him right into the air, and into Superman mode. Since he's a dog (even though he's a soccer ball), nobody will kick him. This sometimes annoys the dog, since he prefers rolling to flying. His enemy is a cat with the Torso of a football, who is always trying to best him. Damien's parents think the stories are cute and funny, and his twin older sisters (both fifteen) love their little brother, but don't really understand the logistics of these characters he draws. The two of them are both really interested in science (one physics, and the other chemistry), and sometimes pick apart things that don't make sense.

Backstory: Damien has lived in L.A. his whole life, but would love to travel when he grows up-- whether it's from being a pro soccer player, or getting to be one of those cool guys who has a table at conventions and gets to draw stuff for people all day. His parents have taken him to San Diego Comic Con every year since he was six, and he's really into it now.

Friends: He's friends with a few boys on his team, but still sometimes feels outnumbered at home (what with having his two big sisters and his Mom, and the only two guys in the house are he and his Dad). When Leroy moved next door, he was very excited. Leroy's pretty mature, and Damien has always secretly wanted a younger brother-- so they get along well as friends, and Damien likes helping him out and teaching him things whenever he can-- especially if it's soccer related.

Leroy and Damien (he now has a name!), again, high-fiving after a play.

Full shot of the illo, and their soccer-playing.

So, that's all for now, folks! Hoping to get up the next unofficial drawing for the #30Characters Challenge this Friday.

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