Saturday, November 19, 2011

30 Characters: Day 19

Priscilla is my nineteenth character for thirty characters, and part of the bigger piece I've been showing portions of for the past few days.

Priscilla was living in a shelter, and is young-- she's only just turned eighteen. Her parents passed away in an accident when she was sixteen, and after being bounced around, she knew she'd be better off being by herself. She'd been at the shelter for about a year and things had been going all right. She had a good friend, someone who was like a sister to her-- as an only child, that was something Priscilla craved.

Yet, the best friend she made at the shelter passed away. And then, Priscilla decided to leave. She's been by herself and on the streets for two months. In her shopping cart, she carries her own belongings, as well as useful things she picks up. She'll trade and barter them with other people. The only thing she won't trade is her Dodgers tee-shirt (the one she's wearing), because it was a gift from her Dad. She doesn't care how tattered it gets, it's the one thing she has that holds her to her old life.

Priscilla also collects stuffed animals that she finds abandoned on the streets, and cleans them up whenever she is able to go and wash up. She gives a lot of them away to kids on the street who she thinks could use them-- yet, she keeps a lot of them for herself, because she's always loved them and finds them to be good company. After all, a toy can only smile at you, and never judge you-- if you have enough childhood in your heart you can believe they're secretly real. On an even more practical level, a toy cannot get sick, choose to hurt you, or ruin their own lives, thus breaking your heart in the process. She particularly loves stuffed toys because her Mom did.

Here is another shot, showing Priscilla's cart of items, her teddy, and even a Viola. She traded and acquired it recently, and means to try and play it soon-- she played it seriously until she was sixteen, and keeps hoping things will calm down enough for her to pick it up again, and perhaps make some money with it.

Lastly, this is a close-up of Priscilla's face, as she is happening upon the scene of Bettina being arrested. She is saddened but not surprised, and is planning on circling the block, hiding around the corner, and watching to see where Bettina walks, in hopes of helping her. The two know each other in passing,

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