Friday, November 18, 2011

30 Characters: Day 18

In a continuation from my last #30Characters post, we now see the creature being evicted from the street. She is a bat-- an anthropomorphic animal, representing what humans go through. Bats do have their troubles, but usually police brutality is not one of them.

When I post the other characters from this whole thing, I'll note that the only human-esque characters are the faceless officers, while all those suffering on the street are animals with human characteristics. I am not picking particular animals for particular reasons-- I am simply drawing whichever ones come to mind. No matter what species they are, they each have far more personality (and I believe, far more sympathetic situations) than the officers in their space.

Above you see the Bat getting the eviction notice, showing that she cannot stay in her little sleeping bag-- at least not where she's sitting. Notice her right wing is a little ripped. Her name is Bettina, and she is partially on the street because she has no where else to go, and partially because she is protesting what is going on around her. She lost her job. She is injured (see her wing). She is stuck trying to care for herself as best she can, under these kinds of circumstances. Even in all of this sadness, she wants to connect to others desperately-- the other disenfranchised animals she's met while bouncing from sidewalk to sidewalk have been some of the kindest she's ever encountered. Her life is still difficult and dangerous, but at least there is some support around her.

Unfortunately, many of Bettina's friends have either left voluntarily on account of the changing climate, or they have been arrested. I say this every time I create a sad story or picture, but creating the characters from this particular story makes me want to create new stories with them, showing them in better circumstances, times, and with more happiness. Unfortunately, though, today is a sad day for Miss Bettina. She not expect to be so unceremoniously made to leave, and she now has to make the terrifying decision of whether to stay and fight, or acquiesce for now for her own safety.

Close up of Miss Bettina, who needs a hug, and who needs compassion-- not rough handling and cold form letters.

Final shot is a phone photo, pulled out to show the framed scene of Bettina, the police officer evicting her, and his friend watching. I'd say stone faced, but as they have no faces at all, that might even be too descriptive.


jany said...

I like your illustration work, your creativity and designs are really amazing.

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craftydvl said...

Thank you! I am the worst blog comment-receiver ever, so this is a very late reply, but I appreciate it very much and am glad to have seen it later rather than never (-: