Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Characters: Day 15

Day fifteen, unofficial thirty characters.

Meet Wendy-- her heart keeps being broken, but for some reason, she can't turn away from the person doing it. Such is the life of a girl from the Star-Crossed Galaxies, with hair that curls up like the edges of crescent moons.

A twenty-something hopeless romantic, she is in a cyclical situation right now, where she keeps giving up her heart, only for it to be played with. She can live even if it exists outside of her body (the benefits of existing in the Star Crossed Galaxies), but it causes her undue pain and duress.

Were she real, I would give her my "Sister, this is not the way!" schpiel (a la this entry: http://bit.ly/tv940U ). But as she exists only on paper and via the pixels on this computer screen, I will only hope for the chance to draw her again in less angsty circumstances.

If you're noticing another's shoes poking out towards the right corner of the picture, you'd be noticing correctly. Just as with my first post, this character is from an illustration where there is also a second character. Cropped for now, but you shall soon see the identity of Wendy's affection/stress. Just wait for Day 16! And as always, thank you for reading.

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