Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Characters: Day 14

Not sure what all the buzz is about (yuk yuk), but the clock has struck midnight-- and thus, it's time for the fourteenth day of (this unofficial attempt to conquer the) #30Characters Challenge.

Unlike my last little bees, this one is a little bit more in my regular style. She's still just quickly sketched out, and not as detailed as some of my other inky things-- but, still, she's pen and inked. And, not as geometrically shapely as the other Bee/Ladybug I wrote about a few entries past.

This girl here is named Petunia. You can't tell, but she's wearing sweater tights over her little legs, and her tights. It's to keep her from getting too cold. Of course, in Magical Bee World she won't get hypothermia anyway (I'm pretty sure the real little guys would not be able to hover near ice, much less skate on it)-- but still.

She's a Teen Bee (on her way to one day be the Queen Bee-- meaning, she's the most popular bee in her clique at the hive, and it will also her future job when she takes over for her Mom). She's popular because she's genuinely nice, although at a loss for what to do when everyone gets stingy and catty towards one another. This had been a pretty rough day for her. So, she decided she wanted to have a day by herself, away from the pressures of school and teen girl (bee?) b.s. Or, I should say "bee s."

Petunia then snuck away to enjoy the impending winter season at the local ice-puddle, only a few gardens away from the hive. She was all excited. Having bought a hand spun scarf from a caterpillar on the way there, and having rented her skates from the ladybug who runs the puddle-rink, she was ready to start doing spins, axels, and skating up a storm.

Unfortunately, she's never skated before. It's harder than it looks. And poor Petunia is having trouble keeping her balance-- both on the rink, and in her head, since she's stressed about so much.

But luckily, she's a teen. With her nicer hivemates and classmates, and her true friends, things will get better. I have hope that for Petunia, as for many teen girls, things are rough/dramatic/angsty/etcetera, a lot of the time. But, there's also a lot of the time where things are fun, silly, and can "bee" (I have no shame, I know), fun.

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