Saturday, November 12, 2011

30 Characters: Day 12

Made a quick sketch of an Anime Angel for today's unofficial submission. She is an Angel of Music (not a POTO pun, although perhaps it should be), in that she catches bad notes before they can fall through soundwaves, and into the ears of unsuspecting humans.

This angel's name is Tatiana. She is a child (perhaps seven or eight, although eternal as she's not a mortal human-- the same way vampires are over a hundred, but feel and appear to be seventeen), and has always loved music. I haven't decided if she became an angel, or in some way she was born into this world as is, without ever having dealt with the normal parts of humanity and a mortal life.

She has a best friend (who shall come along later in the following post) who works for the other side. He (and his bosses) loves when bad music is filtered through to the masses. They are still close, even though she works for those who seek to do good, and he works for those who delight in mischievous things.

Wink --!!

And here, we can see her notes that were captured. Perhaps she's like an angelic, cartoon version of Autotune. I'm not sure Autotune always even helps or improves things, but, I digress.

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