Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Characters: Day 10

For today's "Thirty Characters," Day the tenth of unofficial participation, we have... a character. In her late twenties (whose background did not get entirely drawn), who is a bit down on her luck.

She has had to do things which she didn't wish she did, to get by recently-- and I don't want to speculate on what she's watching, but I would imagine it's either a scene of violence and/or betrayal, given the expression she has on, and the fact she's hiding in the shadows, while watching other goings-on in the shadows. She is not particularly religious, but her best friend gave her the necklace she's wearing, and Cross or not, she never takes it off.

Her name is Green. Well, her real name is (or was), Emily. But everybody calls her green, because her eyes are bright green. They flash green, almost-- especially when she's mad. And she gets jealous a lot, so it's an apt color with which to describe her. Hopefully she won't run into whoever she is watching, because she sure does not look happy. Green would be in full force.

Close up of Miss Green's face, and with the shadows she's standing in (plus the fact it's drawn in black and white), you wouldn't be able to tell here what color her eyes are.

Slightly pulled out close up, showcasing her face, hair, and enormous necklace.

And, full body shot of Miss Green, and her outfit.

Now to plot tomorrow's character.

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