Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Characters: Day 1

So, I'm not officially in the thirty characters challenge-- I heard about it past the deadline, so it's closed for participating. Boo on me for dropping that ball, I would have liked to participate (officially). That said, I am going to try and do it just for myself, and as good practice for hopefully doing it officially the next time the challenge comes around.

The information on this very cool challenge (and the artists and/or writers who are doing it for real, including "Omnitarium" writer Jamie Gambell, at http://www.jamiegambell.com/) can be found here:

So, my Day 1 and Day 2 submissions go together, because I did one piece that featured two different characters. Worked on it at night, into early next morning, so that means it technically went from November first into November second. These two characters are not from a larger story, but just for a moment/scene I created in a spot illustration. If I'm able to keep up with the challenge, I should work on putting in characters from larger works/ideas for bigger things/etcetera.

But for now, we'll start the first character for Day one. Excuse the photos of the work, they were as clear as I could get via an Android picture.

Name: Leroy Jun

Age: Seven

Gender: Male

Hobbies: Soccer, Football (but he's not quite big or old enough to play that yet), Baseball, and anything sports-wise

Backstory: He just moved to the U.S. (to a suburban-y part of L.A.) and is living with his Aunt for a few months until his parents are able to move over, too. He was actually born in States (his parents were on vacation when his Mom went into labor), so he is a citizen. Leroy also always grew up learning English (the American Dialect), so you would not know it was a second language. He tells any kids who ask that he is from New York City-- where he was actually born-- because his favorite sports teams are there, and he secretly thinks it's easier to say that then explain his overall family situation. All is going well so far for his Mom and Dad, but he is afraid to jinx the Visa process they are working through. So, he simply doesn't talk about it.

Friends: Leroy's a little shy, so he doesn't know too many children at school yet. Although, he has befriended his next door neighbor-- the boy who lives next door to him-- and they play soccer whenever they're both home at the same time. His friend is two years older than him, but doesn't mind, and is grateful to have a nearby guy friend.

Leroy and his friend (to be revealed as Character 2 in the next post), giving one another a high five after playing soccer.

Close-up of their footwork while playing soccer. Leroy had a soccer ball, but he's kicked it around so much it's gotten a bit deflated. He keeps meaning to get it filled back up with air, but in the meantime, they're content to use a kickball.

So, that's all for this post! Next post coming soon (very soon, although technically, it shall be tomorrow-- moo ha ha).

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