Monday, October 3, 2011

Post Number Two, in the Series of Sleeplessness

My last post along these lines dealt with being up/unable to crash, while having a headache.

Apparently, tonight is Act II of the Same Play.

Perhaps it's a combination of being drained (in a good way, since today was fun and full of lovely artists, writers, and fair-goers-- and some people I was so dorkily excited to meet!) from the West Hollywood Book Fair, and being drained of... water? Well, not drained so much as I'm just at fault for not having drank enough while out in the sun. And by not enough, I kind of mean not at all. Whoops.

The book fair was lovely, and it deserves a recap if and when the busy-ness of life wants to slow down for a bit--but being up and too energetic for sleep and having too full a day tomorrow is not quite as nice.


Before I crack and reach for the Excedrin or ice... I will make use of this time spent without rest, and just bring this entry to its incoherent best.

To quote a famous Dylan Thomas poem... (the true meaning of which is actually very sad, and somber), and to be somewhat silly, while poking fun at various life stresses bringing out the repressed rage in a person (and reference that film with which I'm most obsessed, also considering that Halloween is coming up), here is my interpretation with random images.

"do not go gentle into that good night"

(observe sweet kitteh, attempting to maintain the light of his/her personality, gently falling asleep into the good night)

"rage, rage..."
(observe the kitteh who obviously embodies, "rage, rage...," and perhaps not so joyfully going into that aforementioned good night)
"...against the dying of the light."

Annnnnnd... "Black Swan" kitteh may be experiencing an inner "dying of the light," perhaps which was extinguished by the very fire of her rage.
I just really an excuse to post my MS Paint Ode to "Black Swan: It's Fluffy's Turn."
And now, I'm exiting Stage Left to go pull a Nina vs. Lilly on my headache. At least, the initial perception of how that scene victoriously turns out.

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