Monday, October 3, 2011

Post Number Three, in the Series of Sleeplessness

Same night. Am aware just posted moments ago. And yet. We have moved onto even NEW acts of the Ballad of the Pesky Headache.

And I have only myself to blame... for I decided to check Facebook one last time, before trying to sleep. Wherein, I came upon this, via a post from a fellow comics person:

That's right. That is, in fact, Phantom Menace Shojo. I am amused, but also a little terrified. And I used to edit Manhwa, so I am not easily terrified given some of the cray cray I read and saw in the past. Anyway. I think it's quite well done, even if it's of one of the infamous prequels, but...

Internet, why are you... I mean, really, is there anything that can't be found in your depths, if people are resilient enough?

I'm not quite sure how the original person who posted this even discovered it to begin with. What Google terms were used to get to this place?

As my friend who posted this said, "What's sad is that this is the best thing I've ever seen related to Phantom Menace. It's only missing Jar Jar Binks in a tuxedo."

(Of course, I'd also like to see this re-drawn with "Black Swan" outfits, but now I'm just getting repetitive-- although Natalie Portman did star both in the above referenced film, as well as my main obsession, so perhaps not? Hrmm hrmm...)


Karl Altstaetter said...

I dig being your "fellow comic person." lol

craftydvl said...

I wasn't sure you wanted credit as being the person who had posted this... new work, so I was deliberately vague! Lol. I am so tired and need to crash, but this has blown my mind and kept me up a wee bit longer. Thank you, though, for the entertainment. I kind of can't wait to show this image to people. Do you have an original link? I like the style so I'm curious as to the artist's other stuff.